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hybeam flashlight
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I’ve been to dozens of survival expo’s and trade shows, looking for a cool, small, high intensity, high lumen pocket flashlight, and what I saw at some of them was absolutely SHOCKING!

The last time I went to one I was looking for some free survival gear, such as this FireKable Paracord Bracelet, or for a simple, compact tactical flashlight. You wouldn’t believe what they were charging for something like this.

I went to these shows looking for people that I could TRUST to bring myself and the Survival Life Community high quality, life saving gear, such as this incredible Everstryke PRO firestarter, at more than REASONABLE prices…

And I wasn’t finding it… not for the price they were charging anyway. The price gouging that goes on there is insane… and I was fed up with it… So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I’ve been tinkering around with a few new projects and I need your feedback to make sure this one is ready!

I’ve put together one of the best tactical flashlights and right now I want to mail you one, so that you can personally test it out and give me your feedback.

But there is one HUGE catch… This is a limited run (same goes for free credit card knife and survival business card offers) and I only have a few of them to give out for testing… so if you want to get in on the ground floor and be a beta tester for my newest gear, you need get started today…

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I don’t want to waste your time, so if you don’t feel like testing out FREE gear is for you, please forward it to someone that you think could help me out.

But if you do want to get started, all you have to do is click the link below and you’ll have this brightest free flashlight shipped out to you in no time.

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Looking For A Hybeam Flashlight Review?

It would take 24 of these ordinary flashlights to match the 300 lumen power of the 2 ounce hybeam military torch.

A regular flashlight only shines 3 to 4 feet. But the military-grade HyBeam x100 can light an entire 50 square foot area, and it only weighs 2 oz., making it a perfect everyday carry. This little flashlight makes an entire tent glow in the dark, it’s amazing. The secret is the HyBeam’s 300 lumen, genuine YAG LED bulb actually distributes light in a whole new way.

Originally designed for the US military, these bulbs are super bright, even at long distances, and with one click, the HyBeam becomes a blinding strobe light, that can disorient any attacker.

Plus, it is tough. We ran over the HyBeam with a 64 thousand pound garbage truck and launched it with a 1200 pound force of a baseball bat, even cast it in the bottom of a muddy river.

Yes, it is waterproof too. Every HyBeam is hand machined out of aircraft quality aluminum and is powered by a single AA battery, for hours of use. And today, you can get yours absolutely free.

The Best Survival Flashlight?

This Hybeam Survival Flashlight is from SurvivalLife, a reputable company. And it’s free + shipping.

It takes one AA battery (it does not come with it) but you probably have some around the house right?

So, this is one LED, one AA battery, and it it a high lumen (300 lumens) flashlight.

It has 3 settings.. when you push the back, first comes on high, then when you press it again, it comes on with a lesser intesity, and when you press one more time, it comes on as a strobe. And when you press all the way, it goes off any of the times.

And it’s really cool, and especially that the lower intensity one is just awesome, and you can carry it around all the time, it fits in a pocket perfectly. The high intensity works, but even the medium intensity is really great, just for reading stuff, and if you’re using reading glasses, this will really help.

It also does have an attack bezel on the front, so you can maybe break glass with or even use it for self defense etc…

It seems fairly strong, and very bright actually, so how could you go wrong, I mean, it’s free.

The only mistake would be not ordering enough of these, while they are still available. And then you can have one in your car, one in your pocket, one to use around the house, etc…

Need To See Some Specs?

  • It uses authentic YAGβ„’ LED Bulb – ultra bright light
  • It uses Three-mode button switch – You can easily switch between these modes, from a flashing strobe, to signal for help mode, and of course, a low beam and a high beam mode
  • It uses a beveled edge, so it can be used to break glass or even as a self defense tool. If you find yourself in a case of emergency, it can literally save your life
  • You can use ANY AA battery, they will all fit perfectly
  • If you need a waterproof flashlight, this is it. and it’s also ultra light, ultra tough (survival), made from aircraft grade aluminum, so it will serve you well at all times, in all seasons, and in all circumstances of life
  • Manufacturing is high quality, and customer service is unmatched, so this makes it a top choice
  • The size is only 4 inches, so it really is a perfect, pocket size flashlight and very easy to grip in your fist

You will really like it, and here’s where you can learn more and grab one or more, for free (plus shipping) today.

It is really a great light, you will be impressed with it, I promise you that (this is a real, genuine offer, it is NOT a scam!).

If you miss out, don’t say I didn’t warn you…



P.S. This is a #1 selling high power led tactical flashlight and right now it’s yours FREE. But they are going to go quick, so if you see a wait list page, you’re too late, sorry.

Get it now, I guarantee you won’t find a better deal ANYWHERE else!

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P.P.S. Make sure you check out this new addition, it’s called HyBeam Microlight, a very cool piece of gear, highly recommended.

See what others had to say about it…

hybeam flashlight testimonials

*Limited Time Offer! You can now also get this hybeam pop lamp for free as well. But you need to be real quick, these are also flying off the shelves like hot cakes… (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!)

Hybeam Flashlight – Free Flashlight For You!
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Hybeam Flashlight – Free Flashlight For You!

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Hybeam Flashlight – Free Flashlight For You!
At 18:07

    1. Martin, there’s no catch, promise. πŸ™‚ This is the real deal and a great promotion offer if you ask me. But you really have to act now, while it’s still available.

    1. Hi Ken, I suggest you contact their official support staff. You can find contact details at the bottom of this page. They will quickly assist you with any questions you may have about Hybeam Flashlight etc. Let me know how it worked for you? Thank you for your interest.

  1. Outstanding little flashlight. For it’s size and light output, you won’t find one any better than THE HYBEAM. This little flashlight is nothing but high quality.

  2. I just received my flashlight today and it did not come with a battery. What size battery does it take so I can order one?

    Thank you

  3. I received my flashlight but no nomenclature on the suggest type or size of lithium battery to use. Can you recommend a battery?

  4. Hello, I ordered the hybeam flashlight and no where on the page said battery not included. I just recieved it in the mail. What kind of batterys does it use?

  5. Check out dx.com for great prices on batteries, also chargers. Look at Lithium rechargeables. They carry hundreds of items, including lots of “cute” doodads, so use the search function to get to batteries. Good luck!

  6. Excellent little light. I’m a medic and it’s stays with all the time on shift. I have a AA battery in it now but I am curious what battery it actually needs? Not much information came with the light.

    1. Anyone who signs up to receive the free tactical flashlight will also get a free Ultimate Survival Skills book and a two-hour Survival Class.

  7. Joe,
    Do you still have any of the Folding LED Camping Latterns? Gave mine away to folks that just loved them…so I’d like to see about getting another set of 2.

  8. I was just about to call you because I thought my receipt of the Hybeam 500 kit (including battery!) was a mistake! What a surprise! Well, we gladly accept your gift!

    Many thanks! Cheers, Anneke

  9. I was attempting to also get the high beam light with your magazine subscription and my phone cut off and I can’t get back to it and I’ve already ordered three of your other flashlights so how do I go about making sure that I got the subscription in the high beam light

  10. I got a Hybeam. Mini type I guess. I paid like 2 something on a Different site for shipping cost. It took a Single AAA battery. I like the light, but mine does not brighten up objects say 10 yards out well. Its bright yes, but for short distance. I would recommend it cause the one I got is small an likely to go with you and its best to have one. It’s not bulky so it is a great fit in a Pocket

  11. Thank you for the offer of the free flashlight, I really don’t need one as I have one already.
    What I would like to buy, if you have some, are those little folding led camping lantern.
    I had the opportunity to use the one I have because the power was out last night.
    What a mighty little spring loaded lamp!! I would like to buy some more. The power goes
    out quite often in the winter when we have heavy snow storms and I want to be prepared.
    Please let me know if you have any more of these in stock. Thank you Mary Davis

  12. I need to exchange mine for another one. I left it in the washer/dryer and the insert around the actual light came loose. Please tell me how I can do this I really enjoy this flashlight!!! Thanks.

    1. Hi Amanda, please contact support at the official website (email address is at the bottom of that page). Let us know how it goes? Thank you.

  13. I opened the wrong, front part of my HB500 Tactical Torch, and lost the Friction Ring that applies detents as the beam-selector collar is rotated. How may i get a replacement Ring (fits, apparently, between the Selector Collar and the threaded LED-Slider that creates the sharp-to-wide beam).

    Any idea how I may fix my Torch (and, yes, I know: Never do that again!).

    1. Hi Dan,

      I am sorry to hear that. I suggest you contact support (find support email address at the bottom of the page). Please let me know if you need anything else? Thank you and all the best!

  14. Hello,
    Can I buy 2 more of the Hybeam Flashlights please? They are for my wife & son.
    I have just paid for Shipping & Handling for 1,
    Yours sincerely,
    Paul Calbert
    (edit:address removed for privacy reasons)

  15. I purchased a hb500 a few months ago and it rolled off my couch and now the off/on button does not work. Is there any way to get it replaced or do I have to purchase a new one???

    1. Hi Kim,

      I would suggest you contact official support staff by clicking here, you can find email address at the bottom of that page. If you need anything else, please let me know, thank you and all the best!

  16. I too opened the front of my hybeam and lost the friction ring on the collar that rotates between dim and brighter. Can I get another?

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I am not sure about that. Best to contact support here (scroll to the bottom for contact details). Hope this helps and please let me know if I can help you with anything else?

  17. We ordered ten of the folding led camping lantern-we were impressed at nine of them but the tenth will not open to put the batteries in no matter the size of the hands. We would like to have it replaced. Thank you. Catherine Andrews

  18. I can’t get the flashlight part of the large lantern to work (how do you turn on? I also notice that when I unscrewed the light the blue wire insulation was striped a couple inches (bare wire) please help,love the lantern parts .

  19. HELP, I own a HHYBEAM ‘pull up’ torch which has been in a locker for quite awhile. It will only hardly light even after charging with the USB for two days. Is there a method to change to batteries ? I really use the light hunting and camping.It charges via USB or solar and I have tried both with no results. It appears the batteries are in the upper part where the solar charger is located ?

  20. I love this flashlight! In fact I have both the older gray version and the new black version. I definitely like the black one better because you can adjust the width of the beam.

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