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I went dude that’s all purple the best
part about sleeping on a box word when
it gets really hot you can just do this
both Logan Logan we have a serious
problem we have one of the biggest
problem we have ever had in the history
of the channel what is it
our video Logan it got way too many
views in life it was not supposed to get
this many views in life we asked for
15,000 likes to do a 24 hour box for
challenge in the water I did not want to
do a 24 hour box for challenge in the
water Jake how many likes do we have
that we didn’t get enough we got 50,000
likes Logan she’s SP within 5 almost a
million view closures we literally hold
50,000 905 mr. Donovan
yes we have to do the 24 hour box for
challenge we can’t hide behind not
enough lights Logan looks like Papa Jake
has to build another box hey yo what do
I got Papa take your humble my bro bro
you punk and he back there – oh my god
no we are back with a brand new video
and today we are doing a follow-up video
to the one that we did last week because
you’ve absolutely killed me you guys
went straight savage on my last video
and got it over 50,000 likes so now we
got a nice 24 hours crazy Jake
it is very crazy Logan so we have to
sleep in a box for tonight together oh
yeah we’re gonna be somewhere to sleep a
very opposite side always the small box
buddy but guys we could not get over how
awesome you were with liking the video
sharing the video and so we have decided
that we are going to take on the
challenge to survive in a box for for 24
hours we are still working up to the 24
hour box fort in the forest but I think
this would be a good little test and set
the mood for a box for building this
demo day but we’re going to surviving
out in the middle of our pool for 24
hours we got to sleep there we got to
make our own food look we never decided
on peeing and pooing that’s just going
to be left up to mystery
there is a hole in the middle of odd we
are too little for survival so I will
jump ahead and grab some gear all right
guys so Papa takes box for Arsenal aside
from the boxes themselves consists of
all of this survival gear all right we
got flashlights we’ve got a lighter
which we’ll need to start our fire but
that’s definitely an issue we also have
a knife in case anyone tries to board
our box board ships will cut them off
and make them walk the plank what is it
Papa Jake is it a cube is it a candy no
yeah it’s a light not today like I go
underwater it’s completely waterproof
and it’s super powerful we have our
headlamps which we’re definitely going
to need these are also waterproof and
then we have this which you are going to
use to cook our dinner got masculine
underwater in case we need a hunt for
fish carp which is very important
probably the most important thing
because we didn’t do this in our last
box for it and it’s definitely messes
over it is going to protect us from the
rain Logan gave you one job and that one
job was to find food and nourishment for
our one day in the box forth and what
did I do
I got lazy in order to the first thing I
saw on Amazon it said it’s supposed to
last two three days it’s a three day
survival kit I have this from Bear
Grylls Oh
oh my god we’re ready we’re going to
pack this up in a waterproof bag before
we bring this out we got to make the box
for it let’s head outside and let’s
start building this baby alright guys
it’s starting to rain it’s not that nice
outside compared to the last time we did
the floating box for it I don’t know
guys sleeping in the box for tonight
will probably get really cold it’s begun
jake has got the raft it’s official Oh
God do we are going to get hypothermia
3:00 a.m. in the morning if we’re
getting in water and we’re soaking wet
we were going to be very very cold which
is why I think we’re going to need a
fire raft alright guys you hear Jake
fire ass you want to really tight guys
we should be able to support both Mia
Logan for an entire night we’re losing a
lot of sunlight very quickly we always
leave up to the last minute of a growth
if we don’t get this box were made and
in the pool in time for dark I don’t
know how we’re going to do this dude
we’re not gonna be able to fill this in
pitch black dude if you go in the box
for in three two all right guys so
progress is coming along fairly well the
Sun is literally setting pool is looking
kind of creepy at least you have a light
I forgot about that there is a pool
light there were so many comments on our
last floating box for a video and I
can’t go back and find the guy who gave
us the idea one of you guys gave us the
idea to prop up the roofs to protect the
box for it from rain shout-out to
whoever you are we can’t fuck you in the
comments thank you yeah so we won’t the
slanted roofs and some guys because we
will because we wanted to make sure that
if it did rain which it’s supposed to
the water would just run off and we
would not be disturbed at night there
she is our home for the next few nights
and by few nights I mean one night the
box has a roof it has a lot of tape
we’ve extra tape this version of it
because well we’re surviving it
overnight and we really don’t want it to
fall apart because if it does this is
our baby
Logan’s fixing up the last roof here so
we’re going to have that ready and then
we have this taco
hashtag taco in the chat do you guys
like tacos this is going to be our fire
rap which you’re going to be attached
the main rap and we’re going to fire on
it with bricks it’s going to be kind of
complicated and very dangerous so don’t
try this at home but we need you it’s
survival how else we’re going to cook
our food and once we have this already
guys we are going to go inside we’re
going to grab all of our gear and a
waterproof bag bringing the box for it
and we’re launching her into the water
for the night
there we have it so the Sun is almost
set and we are just finishing up the box
for it we’ve got a little bit to do but
we probably have about half an hour left
and we’re launching this boat going oh I
don’t think so man another perfect box
cause guys it’s a perfect floating house
when always gotta get in and start
surviving all right guys here we go I’m
gonna get in the pool
oh it’s really cool all right guys we
got to get inside
Oliver gears in here there we go it’s
almost like me right now it’s Christmas
flat oh God we want to ask we’ve got our
survival box here so there we go
oh my god I was like all we need that’s
all the way we need literally and by the
way we’ve got going to mention going
through some pillows and blankets in
here as well so we got the pillow here
officially set sail though so the roof
is completely covered guys Oh
so if it rains we are a-ok there’s no
way any water’s gonna get in there this
is currently what we have right now so
we have a ration box which will dive
into it a little bit pretty much three
days where the supplies in here again I
don’t know continue I’m really
interested to check it out alright so
down through here
next up when I went dude that’s all
purple there’s literally all of our food
guys that’s our food and water
desaturation slogan is chlorine no no
you can’t you definitely cannot drink
that so one of us is gonna have to go in
but guys next up on the list was the
splint in steel which we’re going to use
to start our fire and then if this
didn’t work I’ve got a back-up plan
which is waterproof matches now in order
for us to start our fire we got to go
get our food right now we have to go on
a recon mission I also read a point okay
really quick not only is this box poured
like it’d be awesome but we don’t have a
mosquito problem anymore because we have
a tarp it’s literally like a mascara and
we close our door guys and we’re good to
it’s so
last thing I know it’s literally like
we’re in a water this might be guys when
we do the box for surviving in my
backyard before it was the most
uncomfortable night rocked up I’m so
comfortable this is more comfortable
than my bed we lost one of the masks so
we only have this mask you should get
the Matthew up and then we’ll both go in
the recon mission for food all right I
like it we’ll go get the masks if I
don’t make it back
Logan take care of your lady she’s ours
it’s looking more sad
the guys might not make you all right
guys you got my match today guys all the
food is literally floating around it’s
all come out of all those we’re gonna
have to go collect all of it maybe now
we’re here it up I took that my Mentos
the porn is attention
yeah we need the thermo for anything
we’re going to use it breathing here we
go emergency blanket thanks for the
blanket big thanks for sharing
definitely more energetically not to
know is I alright guys so we collected
all the food back from what fell in the
water scar thermal blanket on we’re just
trying to heat up right now we’re trying
to get warm been in water we’re soaking
wet we just got to get warmth and we do
have this this is what I was able to get
from the bottom of the ocean one of our
headlamps aside we’ve got a ton of water
which is good because we’re always
checking if there’s I’m already yeah we
can’t drink chlorine and it’s actually
pretty cool this is the water it’s
emergency water but honestly I didn’t
know the blanket was in this so that was
a huge lifesaver guys so let’s get the
fire started we gotta find the top
I’m almost there here we go there we go
there she is alright what was that is
our fire for the night let’s connect her
so we need to tie the fire pit to the
box for it because it keeps floating
away so we’re gonna try and tie it
around the wreck and then attach that
thing inside so I got that piece that’s
probably strong enough yeah that’ll be
good you’re going using of course piece
of the box
god this is so cute in Lee just a little
bit west okay alright if this lights
we’ll be able to put some more of the
heavy cardboard on put our stuff on
we’re ready to cook smelling it there
yeah here we go
little light below oh there we go there
we go we got a guy’s on again oh there
we go
as that boys and girls we got fire dude
guys in case you ever caught a final I
will tell you that the key was not to do
it quick but to do really hard long one
not only guys this is beautiful look at
but it’s also very warm already I’m
starting to feel a lot warmer because of
this and it’s like fairly safe the tacos
holding great names yeah
the emergency food rations ready-to-eat
full of vitamins and minerals and it has
a five year shelf life
BAM so you know it’s healthy all right
what’s uh what is that it’s less dinner
really that one day what is that I don’t
really know this is literally supposed
to sustain you for like three days
almost like um a cookie that’s about 100
calories okay yeah I’m just so hungry we
spent like three hours gaming’s ready
had to go hunting for this food
literally so guys that is our water for
the night we just had dinner had our
water we’ve got a nice fire in front of
us in the middle of this water the
popcorn is a little bit messy but she’s
holding up she’s a little crinkly and
then it’s off the bed for us but then I
got to play out the fire before bed
there she goes
I guess well it’s time to uh get the
blanket on try and sleep Alex no time is
your can bring our cell phones in here
water video anything will let me have
probably one or two we’re both exhausted
we ate we drank if their whole blanket
is so warm I’m like super toasty super
comfy we’re gonna shut the lights off
and just enjoy the rocking back and
forth and try get some rest
I’m not gonna sleep late that night man
and I do channel right off morning Jake
how are you doing buddy as you wait you
wait yet another box for it another
night another day yeah guys I object
here I didn’t sleep at all outside guys
selves absolutely crazy we did it the
boxing or off yellow boxes I just own it
no over here
who’s this doing is a couple saving
about me but yo that’s better than bacon
and eggs man that is some good breakfast
brick aw it’s really warm water good so
gross but we played good to them so far
the best part about sleeping on a box
for it when it gets really hot you can
just do this well guys this has
officially been at the 24 hour a
floating box for challenge we did it we
survived we stayed the night
honestly I gotta say this was comfier
than our last one but guys we still can
go a little bit further if you guys
wanted to do the 24 hour box for
challenge in the woods that means we
have no house barely any electricity we
can only rely on the resources we bring
then smash that like button guys we want
to try and go for sixty thousand likes
on this video I know you guys can do it
I know you guys want to see it but this
has been father Jake from team epiphany
with Logan I will see you guys next time
for another ah

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Today on Repairs101 we�re going to look
at a list I�ve been compiling of some of
the most important things to have on hand
when the power goes out � winter or summer.
I�m going to start off with water because
it�s the most fundamental key to staying
Next is food that doesn�t require refrigeration
or cooking � and, hey! Don�t forget about
your friends.
A good rule of thumb is to have three different
ways to start a fire available to you.
If you�re lucky or smart enough to have
a fireplace make sure you have a jag of wood
and / or lumber to burn. A hearth doesn�t
do much if all you have to burn in it are
candles. If you�re going to try the Flower
Pot Heater, be sure and see my video from
last week. They work OK except you�ll need
about ten of them to heat a small room. Same
goes for lanterns. Make sure you have a good
supply of fuel.
Invest in a decent First Aid Kit. You only
need to use it once for it to pay for itself.
You can never have too many flashlights�
unless you forget to stock up on batteries.
I want to mention that you can use barbeques
and camp stoves outside to make coffee and
cook supper on � no matter what time of
year it is� as long as you have fuel to
These �Space Blankets� used with your
own bedding and secured using some duct tape
or masking tape can make a huge difference
in the quality of your sleep.
As can sleeping with a hat or better yet a
balaclava on. Fresh and clean socks, underwear
and whatever else you plan on wearing. I�m
not here to judge.
A radio with a crank generator and a backup
power supply for your cell-phone and laptop
will make the blackout go by a lot quicker.
As will having some sort of �off grid entertainment�
like a deck of cards to pass the time.
Alright thanks for watching and don�t forget
to subscribe!

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Hey Carl here with Tactical Riflemen we
had a couple more comments on the
website about how I set up my helmet.
Setting up a helmet is easy don’t set it
up alright? Don’t put all the extra gee
whiz gadgets on it, all you’re doing is
you’re looking like a gear queer and you
really don’t need this stuff you really
don’t keep it simple, but for setting up
your helmet for proper use: first for
comfort alright most of your good
helmets even this old mich helmet they
come with removable pads on the inside
foam pads you’ll notice I have them
pulled out on the sides that’s because I
wear over the ear peltor headsets
those foam pads velcro right out you leave
them out so when you’re wearing your
headset that way it’s not giving you
that headache if you put on your helmet
you’re wearing it for a couple hours, and
you’re getting a headache from it
now if you don’t have it sized right get the
correct size helmet set it up so that
it’s comfortable. Chin strap needs to be
set up so that it sits
doesn’t pull at your head.
all right, brother that’s the
biggest part of wearing a helmet.
‘What kind of helmet to get?’ Again this is
an old mich helmet this is one of the
newer helmets this particular ones by
Team Wendy, Cry precision has the
airframe, there’s a number of great
helmets out there right now. Are they
really better? Yeah there’s been some
improvements mad. The the old mich
helmet was a big leaps and bound over
the old Kevlar helmet that we were
issuing people back in the 90s.
It’s supposed to be a little better
protection, again I know we lost a
captain during 2004, AK bullet went
right through the front of his helmet.
Unfortunately, that happened more than
once. Some helmets such as the cry
airframe, it has a much thicker plate on
the front of the helmet. That’s because
unfortunately, some units were taking a
much higher casualty rate coming from
the front and above so they went with a
thicker plate there.
This Team Wendy one is about as light as
you can go while still providing decent protection.
Whichever helmet you go for don’t just go for weight reduction.
Don’t just go for comfort.
Remember, primary job of the helmet is to
protect that brain housing group.
keep you alive. Next thing that’s important
about a helmet is your night-vision
mount on the front. This is a Wilcox
Mount, your actual hinge piece clips
right in there locks down you run all
different kinds of nods with this mount
everything from a pvs-1, duals, even the
quad ones piece of cake. You’ll notice
there’s small bungee cords here on this
helmet also on this one. What those are for is once you’ve got those night vision
goggles on you hook these onto the side
of your night vision goggles and they
pull it tight to your head keep them
from rattling around while you’re moving
your head. Now this particular setup you
notice I’m running a battery box on the
back of it, this is for batteries for
that night vision device the cool part
about this particular setup is I can run
double a’s on this side with the switch
to that side it’s running off of these
batteries. I then can if my batteries
start to go low in my night vision I can
flip it over to the other side it’ll
start running off of these batteries
without shutting my night vision goggles
off. I then can pull out my insert swap
fresh batteries put them back in and
I’ve never had to turn off my night
vision goggles great feature, you’ll
notice that I also run a cell placard on
both these helmets and the reason for
that is well you’ve got night vision
goggles on and you’re in the room it’s
hard for other assaulters other
operators to determine who you are with
those night vision goggles on but if
you’ve got a cell placard on the back of
your helmet you’ve got them on your arms
both sides they can see okay that’s
Charlie 0-3 he’s part of Delta cell blah
blah blah blah blah blah that’s a guy
that I know who that is now right so
other than that keep your helmet simple
the only other thing I’ve added on this
particular one is I’m running the IR
strobe on it and that’s simply so that
drones overhead helicopters everybody
or even on a
hey-ho jump other people can see that
strobe light and identify me now you
notice I’m keeping the the battery case
pointed to the rear, because the actual
IR illuminators are up front here also
what that does if I go into any near
low wires or underneath anything honey
hanging down in that helicopter or you
know inside of that osprey I don’t get
it hooked up and ripped off, alright.
Other than that that’s the basics of a
helmet, keep it simple you don’t need to
add all the extra gee whiz gadgets just
just so you look cool. That just adds weight to your head who
would want to do that? I should keep it
simple keep it plain make sure it’s
comfortable because you’re going to be
wearing it a long time.
Questions and comment, leave them below.

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(Intro Music)
Ok as you guys can see I have got my ALICE
pack right here, I have it laying with the
shoulder straps down. This is the bottom of
the frame and the bottom of the pack. Now
what I am going to do is I am going to layout
two pieces of about 4ft long line. Depending
on the size of your sleeping bag, but 4ft
should work for an average size bag like I
have here. I am going to set up my Canadian
Jam on the bottom ends of the line. If you
guys remember the video I just did on that,
you can check that out. I will stick the link
in the description below or I will annotate
it. And then the top part of the line will
be the part that feeds through the lops on
the Canadian jam. I have done the same thing
on the other side and I have run it through
these loops right here and through the frame,
that way I have got two attachment points
and it kind of pulls it up in the corner there.
Then I have got six foot of line over here
that I will use to go over the long way and
I will show you that here in just a minute.
OK so now I am going to go ahead and take
the pack or the bag and I am going to stick
it up on the pack and wedge it between the
frame and the bottom of the backpack. Then
we will go ahead and pull our line through
and tighten up the jam. Get that nice and
tight. Pull it all of the way down to the
bottom and then I can start cranking it up
that way. Alright, so that has got that good
enough to hold it in place, now I will go
ahead and do this one as well. Feed this line
through and tighten that jam up, pull it to
the bottom. Now when I get those down there
in place I want to grab that and take my weight
and kind of roll the bag into the bottom of
the backpack. At the same time I am going
to be pulling up on those Canadian jams and
really really synching those things up nice
and tight. Ok, so those are pretty good. Remember
the cool part about the Canadian jam is, now
all we have to do is, we can pull the opposite
way and it will loosen right up. So that is
pretty awesome. so we get those tightened
up. Now what I am going to do is I am going
to take the longer six foot piece and I am
going to come across this way. And what I
want to do is going to be to do a postal hitch
here and another postal hitch here and then
attach it down there. And the reason you want
to do a postal hitch; it is a really easy
knot, basically all you do is stick a loop,
take a byte in the paracord like this and
then slide that underneath the Canadian jam
line that we just did. It should be good and
tight for you. As a matter of fact you may
need to loosen it just a touch. You can always
retighten it. There we go. So if you can see
that I put that loop out there. Now what I
am going to do is take the long end of the
line that is still laying out there and I
am going to run it through that loop. And
then tighten is up. Pull it back this way
and tighten it up again. Now what that does
is that attaches this long line to the short
Canadian jam lines so that your bag doesn’t
shift and that kind of thing as you are walking.
Now the reason I am doing this video for you
guys is because when I have ben out hiking
on trails and stuff and even as an instructor
at the survival school , you know I see a
lot of people have a hard time with attaching
gear to their backpack. Especially external
frame packs like this ALICE pack. Do another
postal hitch here. And there is really no
reason for it, you just have to know how to
do it. You just have to have this stuff on
there nice and snug, where it doesn’t really
go anywhere and where it doesn’t shift or
move on you. So that is kind of the purpose
for why I am doing this. Alright so now we
have got this down here and what we are going
to do is just kind of run through the frame
there and you can pick your spot it doesn’t
really make any difference where. Then I am
going to do a reverse slip knot, makes a nice
little loop in the line right there. Ok. And
then I am going to do a truckers hitch. So
that will allow me to basically put all of
my weight down on that and really tighten
that up good. Actually why don’t we do a i
don’t know what they call it, a Locking truckers
hitch. Just run that through the loop twice
and that should hold it a little bit better
for us. There we go. So now we have got that
down nice and tight and we can run that down
through the frame and then back up here where
you can get to it so that you can untie it
a little bit easier. Tying it down in here
might be a little bit more difficult. You
can do it if it will work for you. But there
is no reason that you can do it down here
either. Just going to tuck this line up underneath
this and then come back and pull a byte through
and then secure it again and pull it good
and tight. Ok. So now I will make sure my
Canadian jams are synched and there we go.
The sleeping bag is on there it is not going
to come off, it is sucked in tight to the
frame, it is n[t going to shift when you are
moving or anything like that and it is just
going to work out really well for you. So
that is how to attach a sleeping bag to an
external frame pack. Like I said this is an
ALICE pack, I think these are a great bug
out bag pack you can get them for under fifty
bucks and they are very strong and very durable
and they will work. There is a lot of things
you can do to them to upgrade them as far
as comfort and all of that kind of stuff too.
So anyway guys I just wanted to show you guys
that real quick trick on how to attach a sleeping
bag to an ALICE pack or an external frame
backpack or bug out bag or whatever you want
to call it. Anyway guys as always I definitely
appreciate when you click the thumbs up button,
when you share it with your friends on Facebook,
twitter and Google plus and don’t forget to
live the 6 Ps. Proper Prior Preparation, Prevents
Poor Performance! Stay safe guys.
Hey guys thanks for sticking with me! If you
have got some time go ahead and check out
one of these two videos down here I think
you will probably enjoy them. Also why you
are here be sure to go ahead and add me on
Google, Facebook and Twitter. I do a lot of
additional stuff on social media, I put up
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come, things like that and don’t forget to
Subscribe! I put out about three videos per
week and I try to mix it up. A little bit
of wilderness survival, a little bit of gear
reviews and I little bit of disaster preparedness.
Thanks again guys! See you soon!

Survival Gear Usa Where Can One Order

DIY Emergency kit in a water bottle emergency survival homemade mini kit set gear must have
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper part of planning or emergencies is making sure that you
have the supplies emergency survival situations that you need most of
us are probably not prepping for an
apocalypse or being lost in the
wilderness and needing to survive for
weeks at a time we’re trying to get
through the day-to-day activities the
simple family outings the hiking camping
trips trips to town those kind of emergency
situations where an emergency can come
up that maybe you need to make a shelter
you need to start a fire you need
something to eat or a way to hook
something down maybe you’ll encounter a
first-aid emergency or somebody is just
hungry there are all kinds of day-to-day
emergencies that we encounter and one of
the ways we can be prepared prepping for common emergencies smooth those situations out is to make simple emergency kits with things
we already have how many of you already
have a water bottle a water bottle is a
great container they’re so handy for
getting a drink but they’re also a great
way to have some emergency supplies on
hand grab an empty water bottle with a
wide mouth out of your cupboard and fill
it up with some emergency supplies it’s
easy to hook your water bottle emergency kit on a backpack stick in the
car throw in with your camping gear or
even send it out with your kids on a
hike what kind of things should you put
in your water bottle emergency survival kit well the same kind
of gear that you would put in your
bug-out bag prepping supplies or your emergency bag just on a
smaller scale now that you have your
water container you need to have
something to hold all your supplies
while you’re filling it with water the
first thing to include then is a gallon
ziplock bag if you want to filled your
water bottle with water you can take out
all of the supplies and put them in the
gallon ziplock bag what if the only
water you could find is wild water put a
simple aqua tab which is a water
purification tablet in your water bottle emergency kit supplies so that no matter
where you get your water you’re probably
able to make it safe to drink think about an emergency
food option could you fit a granola bar
what about some first aid supplies when
you’re thinking about first aid supplies
remember there’s a lot of crossover into
other areas of preparedness band-aids
cotton balls vaseline or lipgloss
chapstick eyedrops neosporin some of
those items can also be used for fire
starting choose the first-aid supplies
you would most want to have think about
tools there are all kinds of little
multi tools pocket knives mini can
openers whistles look around for little
kits designed to do other things and
maybe you can find in them a tiny
magnifying glass a little screwdriver a
mini sewing kit nail clippers or
tweezers figure out which ones you would
most want to have in the smallest size
and set those aside to go into your
water bottle emergency kit you’re going to
need some lights a glow stick a
flashlight a smaller flashlight even a
flashlight with a carabiner then you
could clip it to the top of your water
bottle look for some cordage that’s
likely to fit in your water bottle
emergency kit a huge bundle of paracord
is probably not the option could you
take a smaller bundle of paracord a sturdy shoelace
dental floss is a great cord for tying
up and fixing a lot of small things and
it’s really can be handy and sturdy how
are you going to start a fire do you
have your cotton balls some vaseline or
petroleum jelly could you rub your
cotton ball with a chapstick or some
hand sanitizer then you need some way to
light that fire starter strike-anywhere
matches a lighter any kind of
firestarter that you know how to use
that you know is small and can fit into
your water bottle emergency kit would be
a good option do you still have
room for a poncho an emergency blanket a
black plastic garbage bag maybe one that
even has a drawstring top so you have
some extra cordage along in your
emergency kit there are a lot of options
and what you need to do is decide which
are the items that mean the most to you
you need food water first aid maybe some
hygiene sanitation supplies some tools knife a way to make a
shelter stay warm provide some light
think about what your priorities are
then grab a container that’s around the
size of your water bottle and put some
things in it decide how much can I put
in here and how many of these do I
really need don’t start stuffing them
into your water bottle because they’re
easier to decide and pull back out of a
wide top container once you get this
down maybe half-full that’s the time you
want to start stuffing things into your
water bottle it seems intuitive to stick
in the largest things first like a
poncho an emergency blanket a black
plastic bag but that’s not necessarily a
great idea to stick something soft and
big into a water bottle where you can’t
fit your hand inside so set those aside
to go on the top put the large heavier
things that you would be able to shake
out layer your things in there but not
so tight you can’t shake them back out
and then add the softest things at the
if you chose a carabiner or a item with
a carabiner as part of your emergency survival kit clip it on to the loop on
the top of your water bottle and there
you go
you have an emergency kit in a water
bottle that’s ready for you to take and
have on hand to use in any kind of an emergency survival situation make a water bottle emergency
kit for everyone in your family most of
us have plenty of these bottles around
or we can pick them up at a thrift store
for a dollar – water bottles they’re handy sturdy
convenient fill it up with emergency survival supplies items that
can help you make the best of any situation
learn more at alaskagranny.com
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how to choose headlamp flashlights
hi it’s AlaskaGranny I wanted to share the
information about headlamps hands free flashlights
I have one that goes on your head
and that this is really important
because a headlamp is important
going to be out and you get stranded hiking in the
dark you don’t
want to be holding a flashlight
in your hand you want to have a headlamp on your head
so you have both hands free
for finding your way and seeing where you are going in an emergency Bug Out Situation
my son is always warning me don’t just buy these things
just because you see them you need to find out
which is the right one
and get those well I should have listened because after I bought hands free headlamp flashlight
headlamp it doesn’t fit properly on my head
so I thought it was cool
it has a little switch up here and I can turn it off and on and the light has three different levels
and it is adjustable but I have a little
head and this headlamp doesn’t fit my head properly
as cool as it is if I can’ t get it adjusted so I can wear
it correctly and I am no comfortable
with it
it isn’t going to be useful in an outdoor experience or emergency survival situation
it isn’t just that it messes up my hair
it just doesn’t fit my head right so
before you get something like this hands free headlamp flashlight that is
they are try them on check them out learn the features
make sure they fit your head read reviews find the
hands free headlamp flashlight that are really going to last
in a real emergency you need things that really
I bought some emergency prepping gear outdoor camping gear that after I bought them they just didn’t work
if I am only spending a few dollars
like my son said if your life depends on it why
wouldn’t you get
the correct useful emergency survival gear outdoor gear
buy quality outdoor gear that could actually save your life
I am trying to take his advice more and this one is kind of
cool it isn’t the best headlamp
doesn’t fit my head I’m on the right
track to
so I am going to visit him he’s going to help
me pick out
one that is going to be better follow the tips on how to choose a headlamp
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hey guys today I have a multifunctional
tool to show you it’s an emergency radio
backup power supply in a flashlight
this is the MECO emergency radio Solar
Hand Crank multifunctional survival tool
I believe that it’s important to be
prepared for any type of emergency
especially weather-related
situations where the power might be out
and you might find yourself stranded
somewhere and you have nothing or maybe
you just have your car
this device is waterproof to the level
of IP x3 which allows you to use it
outdoors and snow or sleep doesn’t mean
you can fully drench it or dump it in
anywhere mainly just it gets enough
wetness nothing severe it is very easy
lightweight in its very you can hold on
your hand it’s nothing big or clunky
it’s not even that heavy so let’s show
you what comes in the package so the
package includes your radio device it
also includes your USB charging cable
your output charging cable USB connector
connector to USB converter which you
would used to place in here
and you have your user manual that comes
inside as well now what’s unique about
this device is that it can be charged in
three separate ways you can do it in USB
port via solar power through the solar
power fountain panel found on the top or
by using the hand crank which one’s up
the internal alternator you like that
one minute of hand-cranking supports
over five minutes of cellphone talk
15-20 minutes continuous torchlight or
even 15 to 20 minutes of radio play in a
medium volume of course if the radio
itself works with am/fm and NOAA radio
and there’s a six lumen LED light the
button is found at the top right here
it’s very decently bright it can be
bright for us how much you crank it for
I would assume there you go so this
device can also be used to charge any
other device as well all you have to do
is use the output charging cable which
is this one right here
right here you plug it into the spot on
the side the circular input make sure
you attach the USB connector to USB
converter and place your cell phone
charging cable or whatever charging
cable you need to use or device you need
at charge all right so when you’re
trying to use the radio there is a
tuning knob and the volume button and
you can switch between WB FM and AM so
I’m going to try FM I turn the volume up
do as well on Saturday well there we go
then for New Year’s Eve would we have
Sunday night
down to 60 believe I found The Weather
Channel and Alex helpful so that is the
radio portion of this device so this is
the MECO multifunctional radio
flashlight this would be a great item to
keep on hand in your home backpack or
your vehicle especially for emergencies
thanks for watching

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What’s up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority.
And today, I’m going to put to the test probably one of my most favorite survival flashlights
Why call it survival flashlight? Well first of all it’s very very bright
It’s a chargeable flashlight and also the light bulb gets so hot that you can start a fire
Just from the heat of the flashlight. Let’s see what I’m talking about
It’s definitely not intended for kids, so kids do not try this at home this flashlight
This flashlight I already have reviewed on the second channel, and it got lots of views, so today
I’m going to review a mini
They have came out with the same flashlight, but a mini, look at that look at the size difference
That’s actually awesome
I’m gonna take this flashlight
To go camping because at night-time
When I’m cooking I can use it, it’s just really bright, and also I can start the fire with it. This one is amazing, too
But look how much bigger that is. So let’s see how well they start a fire compared to this one
We’ll just do a little review and then here there is a warning
Do not touch this one when it’s on because it will be really really hot. They both have exactly the same cases
Of course one is going to be bigger
Exactly the same straps
First of all, you might wonder, when you buy one, why doesn’t it turn on?
Well because when you don’t use it, there is a really good safety system from kids. If kids find this flashlight
Then you don’t want them to have it
They might start a fire or they might even burn themselves, it opens like that. There is a little clamp don’t break it
You’re supposed to use screwdriver to open it
I broke mine by accident because I was a little bit too rough and what you’re supposed to do is plug in the battery
Just like this, boom, and then we’re just going to close everything back up
Okay, we have set the other one on charge. This is how you turn it on
Boom, and I hear if you don’t need it too bright, you can make it lower, so you can conserve the battery
With the high brightness you can start a fire, let’s try it out and see how well it does while the other one is charging
We’re going to set it on a brighter setting and just
The paper like that and hold it for a second and let’s see what happens. Starting to smoke
Look at this, it burn the hole through it so quickly
[Majestic Russian Blow]
Well, definitely burning a hole through it. Just gotta fold a bunch of times first
Do not look at the actual light inside of a flashlight. It’s just like looking at the sun
It’s going to hurt your eyes
They go, we get it going on fire
You see?
(How enthusiastic)
So you got yourself a flashlight and a fire starter all at once, let’s see if the mini flashlight
Does the same. This is how you turn it on
Boom, and right here same way
Darker, even darker, and we’re going to use the brightest to start the fire
Hold it like this. Whoa, this paper lights up instantly. That’s crazy
Because it’s a darker paper. It’s not white
Well look how much it’s smoking
And there you go, we started a fire
Thiat’s epic don’t you think
Flashlight, and at the same time you can set things on fire
Definitely very useful for camping or survival flashlight because if you’ve been camping before
You know that do not forget your flashlights because when it gets dark you can’t even go to the bathroom it gets so dark
Also, very important when you camping you probably will need to start the fire so definitely an epic
Flashlight to have around, alright guys. That’s pretty much it let me know in comments below
What do you think give this video a thumbs up also check me out on Instagram links in the description
And I’ll see you next time