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Explosion and flames sounds.
hey everybody this is JJ and right now what
we are going to talk about is how to escape
from zip ties. This is a little trick I learned
a long time ago in the military. I also just
recently saw this again on ITS Tactical’s
site. They have done some videos on this talking
about it. So you guys could go over there
and check it out as well. these are your basic.
Just indoor and outdoor zip ties I picked
up at Lowes. And they are pretty common for
folks to keep in their bags and all of that
kind of stuff. Just to restrain someone if
they needed it. so I am just going to show
you that they are not as 100% effective as
some people like to think that they are. there
are some ways to get out of them if you ever
get taken hostage or something like that you
may be able to employ this. so with that let
me put this on. You want to get them real
tight. alright. and so what you basically
do is you are going to put your hands out
in front of you, ok. kind of put your hands
in to a fist and start pulling out. and then
you are going to bring it in. like this. hard
this way. and hopefully that will be able
to break them. there you go. so that is one
way. let me show you another way here in just
a second. Ok now you may run into a situation
where they don’t have the large zip ties like
that so you may have them use the smaller
8 or 10 inch long ones. and you can do the
same thing. it doesn’t make any difference.
Again go ahead and get it good and tight.
The looser it is it kinda gives it too much
room to flex and can actually make it harder
to do. SO if they put them on and you can’t
escape by sliding out you may want to tighten
them up a bit as funny as that sounds. OK.
So again I got them on just regular zip ties
like you find at a hardware store. SO I am
going to out my hands out and get them into
a fist and pull it off. Breaks pretty easily.
The key there when you are doing it is to
you know obviously tighten and pull them into
your stomach and pull out with your arms as
you hit your stomach so you are getting a
full motion as you pull apart so your elbows
separate around your body. That is what will
cause them to break. And ah a lot of times
you are going to see the break right there
on the head. OK. SO that is pretty typical.
One thing that Ido want to let you guys know
is that not all zip ties are created equal.
OK, and law enforcement and military grade
zip ties many times will use a zip tie that
has a metal basically the little piece on
these plastic ones that stops it like this
right here is plastic and so these are a lot
easier to break. When you get the ones that
are actually made for restraints they will
have the metal insert or slide lock, whatever
you want to call it. and the head is substantially
manufactured more substantially. Breaking
out of these is not feasible in many instances.
You might be able to but I can’t do it. But
you may be able to but that is going to be
a lot harder than the type that you find at
Lowes or Home Depot or something along those
lines. so keep that in your mind. That when
you are looking at it A lot of times you can
actually, when they put them on there they
don’t have the little ridges, the law enforcement
and military type, it is smooth so you won’t
hear the little Zip sound. That sound and
if so if you can’t, maybe because it is behind
your back or something along those lines then
you might know that they are military grade.
In that case it may take several tries or
you might not be able to do it all all. Something
to be aware of because some folks are under
the impression that you can do this with any
zip ties and I am just trying to tell you
that that is not necessarily the case. so
just to throw that out there. Ok lets see
if we can can do it behind my back as well.
I may have to get somebody to help me real
quick though. OK so for the behind the back
ones this is gonna be another set just a different
type just to show you. These are from Lowes
also, what are they, 20 inches long. The indoor
type. The black ones are the indoor type.
SO I am going to do this behind my back so
I will put both hands in here and will get
my assistant to help tie me up. Ok so when
you got them behind your back like this, I
am not sure I am gonna be limber enough to
do this but. You just do that same motion
by pulling the, in toward you in the same
motion. And even a big fat guy like me can
do it so you can probably do it as well. Thanks
for watching, that is just a real quick tip
on how to escape from zip ties and I wanted
to let you know that not all zip ties are
created equal and sometimes it doesn’t work
especially on the law enforcement and military
grade ones. So stay safe and we will see you
in another video here real shortly! Fire and
explosion sounds. OK so I am going to go ahead
and give this a shot, these are the law enforcement
and military grade zip ties. and I am going
to go ahead and give it a shot trying to get
out of them. I am not convinced that I am
going to be able to do it. Im not convinced
that I can do it. But we will give it a try
for the heck of it. I got my wife down here
just in case so she can cut me out of them
just in case. lol. Alright so as you can see.
or here let me show you this one. Like I said
these have got a metal piece in here and essentially
what happens, the reason that it makes this
really difficult is the harder that you pull
on it, it is like I was showing you earlier,
it causes it to embed in the plastic. So what
has to happen is that you either have to break
this piece of plastic here this strap or you
have to shear off that piece of metal which
is difficult. But what the heck we will try!
Alright you wanna tighten those up. Push the
head down there ay go. keep the knot… Oops
hold on a sec. There you go. a little tighter,
ok. So we got the big heavy duty ones on there.
This is prolly going to hurt. But you want
to just do it as hard as you can. To try to
make it happen the first time. YEAH that hurt!
lol. Ahhh… Try one more time. Yeah that
is not going to go. I think we will get these
cut off! Alright here you go. Like I said
you guys are tougher than I am but, there
we go. So Yeah you can see how it embedded
a hole all the way through the zip tie. I
don’t know if you can see that on camera.
But they just dig in and you are left to have
to shear that piece of metal and that is not
going to happen. And it really hurts. Alright
guys if you enjoyed this please share it with
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as well. I will see you on another video here
shortly. Thanks! Fire and Explosion sounds.

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