13 thoughts to Belt Holster For Tactical Flashlight Where To Buy At 7:49

  1. I will ABSOLUTELY be buying this product once you guys start mass-producing!! I use normal paracord for bracelets, zipper pulls, and backpacking so as long as the cord strength is the same (or better) I'll likely replace all my paracord with fire cord =)

  2. Good idea, I don't use paracord anymore. But for those that do this would be great. I still make the bracelet occasionally for somebody. I found a better cord to use in the woods.

  3. In USA the survival and the bushcraft in now just a BUSINESS.
    Every you are obsessed by emergency, really can't get why… Mah

  4. You wrap your kydex sheat with this paracord and then you will burn as a fireball because of some sparks…hahaha this is bullshit

  5. Guys this looks like an outstanding product, my son and I were wondering when and where we can start placing some orders for your cordage? Thanks!

  6. But you can't melt the ends like you normally can with normal 550. But this product sounds wonderful and I am sure to support it.

  7. Is this the new and improved version Gen II? Or the original one that does NOT work when wet??? Numerous videos on YouTube showing failures when wet (fall in river, wet weather, etc… I'm waiting for them to fix that issue for their GEN II……..

  8. i disagree with it lasting longer then other fire starters!
    i've have waxed cotton that lasted 10 to 20 mins also cotton balls an vaseline can last that long if done right