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EDC emergency supplies for your vehicle car comfort kit DIY prepping supplies
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper we don’t really know what the future holds but we do
know there will be challenges and
emergencies that will happen to all of
us if you look on the news it’s getting
to be more unpredictable as far as the
things that could happen if we’re away
from our home that could strand us
somewhere there might be road closures
from winter storms from wrong-way
driving accidents there could be forest
fires or civil unrest things that block
the road and don’t allow you to continue
on your way there’s also a new concern
with the corona virus pandemic that you
could be quarantined somewhere and not
allowed to leave the city that hasn’t
happened anywhere we live but that’s the
type of thing that’s happening in other
countries around the world it’s also
logical to make plans for emergencies on
a small scale that can happen to us on
an everyday basis maybe we take our kids
to a soccer game and somebody gets hurt
we need some first aid supplies the car
could break down we could be delayed
waiting for an appointment there are all
kinds of reasons why we should want to
have some emergency gear in our car so
today I wanted to talk about the comfort
items that keep us comfortable and cared
for and make the best of if we are
delayed and we have to stay in our car
maybe even shelter in place in our car
these are some important items that can
keep any delay where you’re stuck in
your car as comfortable as possible in
case of emergency you need your contact
information your medical information and
your insurance information put it on a
card keep it in your glove box or your
center console so that you have those
things readily available in case you
need them have a supply of paper maps of
places where you live and expect to
travel in your car make sure they’re
up-to-date current maps roads change all the time they add new ones they reroute highways
they just changed and if you don’t have an up-to-date map
you may not be able to find your way
where you need to go and create a
problem for yourself have an external
battery so you can charge your electronics
have a cord and a plug that fits into
the outlet in your car flashlight is an
important item to have and in my car I
want a great big one I know it takes up
a lot more space but this one is super
heavy it’s super sturdy in case of
emergency I could use it for some
self-defense I could also use it to
smash the window of the car if I needed
to escape to escape from your car in an
emergency you should have a ResQ Me car emergency escape tool it allows you to
break the glass on the car it also has a
sharp cutting tool so you can cut the
seatbelt and help you escape from your
car in an emergency I keep these ResQme car escape tools
hanging on the steering column in my
cars to make sure that I have them in
the ready position should I ever be trapped and need to
escape always have extra water in your
car and a great addition to that is a
headlamp because if you’re stranded in
the dark fasten a headlamp around a
water bottle turn it on with the light
shining through the water bottle and you
can have a nice emergency light that
illuminates a large area have some easy
to open and eat snacks in your car
things like little packs of tuna
crackers granola bars trail mixes the
temperature in your car is so varied
from hot to cold make sure you rotate these emergency snacks foods at least
twice a year have extra batteries for
your flashlights and a Go Time Gear emergency Bivy bag Life Bivy
bag is a great way to shelter in place
if you need to shelter in your car it’s like a
great big emergency shelter you can
climb inside it reflects the heat back
to your body and helps keep you warm in
extremely cold temperatures have a
multi-tool a lighter and even a candle
just place it on the dashboard one
little candle can provide quite a bit of
light in the dark have a first aid kit if
you have pets make sure you have a collapsible dish
some water for them and a leash if you
got stranded and you had to walk out
make sure you have a comfortable pair of
shoes with socks a hat some sunglasses
and a jacket stick some gloves in the
pocket of your jacket hand warmers then no matter
what the weather is or the conditions
then you’ll be able to either keep warm
in your car or you’ll be able to walk to
safety if that’s a reasonable option
think of comfort items like Kleenex
sunscreen a mosquito repellent band reading glasses paper pencil you
need hygiene items like a roll of toilet
paper hand sanitizer and wet wipes I store the wet wipes in a ziplock bag so they
don’t dry out and I always keep an extra
roll of toilet paper also in a ziploc
bag so that it stays clean and dry
everyone’s car truck jeep or vehicle is different
so you need to look around your own car
and decide where can I stash these
things put some EDC survival items in the glove box put some emergency items in the console maybe you can
stuff prepping gear in a little stuff sack put them under the seat or a plastic box
from the Dollar Tree
there’s nooks and crannies in
everybody’s car places that we can stash
a few of the important EDC survival supplies items that we
would want to have make the best of a
bad situation by preparing ahead of time
to have some EDC survival comfort supplies so that if you were stranded in your car you can
make the best of any situation if you
liked my video I hope you’ll share it
with someone else you think would enjoy
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Best Tactical Flashlight With Holster Where Does One Buy

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  1. Interestingly I had a long journey this last week, including two ferry rides.

    The one night ferry got delayed, and so I was able to bunk down in my car for a couple of hours because I had my supplies with me. As my sister commented, there were more uncomfortable places I could had ended up trying to sleep.

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  3. Great stuff Granny. Toilet paper is like gold. I have a roll in my backpack at all times. And several rolls in the car. Whomever holds the toilet paper shall dictate the terms of dispersal!

  4. Also, a good amount of cordage (paracord), a plastic tarp (5 X 7 or larger, and a wool blanket (military surplus, 85% wool) and fire-starting tools & wooden matches.