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prepping supplies to buy each month prepper stockpile must have essentials stock up now each
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I have some
suggestions of prepping supplies that you can stock
up on each month prepping supplies to buy now or every time you go to the grocery
store and have a little bit of extra
slow and steady is the way to stock up
on all of the essential items that you
need we’re living in challenging times
with the coronavirus
covid 19 pandemic second wave reset
we’ve had lockdowns job losses we’ve been forced to stay home they’ve
had resets and they’re threatening second waves and
we just don’t really know what the
future holds
there have been forest fires hurricanes
tornadoes massive crop losses
in the Midwest broken dams in China that
have flooded the crops
protests and rioting in the cities an US presidential election on the horizon
we realize that we’re living in dangerous harrowing times we need to be in charge
of ourselves to make sure that we take
the opportunity
while we have it to stock up on the
of life first secure your essentials
we know we need to supply food water
first aid supplies hygiene and personal
then we need to go through and think of
the day-to-day items that might be
and that could certainly help our lives
be smoother
no matter what the future holds let’s go
over some of these
items that i’ve been stocking up and see
if it’s something you might want to get
think about your day how does it start
what are the items toiletries hygiene that you use
maybe you want to have extra
toothbrushes and toothpaste
it can be as simple as a travel kit that
you can stick in your bug out bag keep
one in your car or have a few extra full-size items for
your family’s use if you have babies or children get any
diapers special food wipes any items that your children need
make sure you have those items
stock up on feminine hygiene supplies
that you might need within the next few
make sure you have a supply of lighters
and matches
I like the long handled utility lighters
these are easy to use to light candles
reach into campfires and even light your
barbecue grill
if you have a barbecue grill make sure
you have extra charcoal
the fluid you need to start it any
lighters that you need
fuel in your propane tank even the fuel
that you would need for a camping stove
and if you don’t have access to any of
those items look for something as simple
as the fancy fuel heat you can pick it up at
the Dollar Tree Store prepping supplies from Dollar Tree
fancy fuel heat it’s like sterno it’s a little alcohol stove
you unscrew the lid of the fancy heat it has a wick you can light it and get about two hours
of heat these can’t necessarily boil food or
water but they can certainly heat up
food and water so that it makes it more
appetizing figure out what batteries you need what
do you need in your flashlights in your
portable radios
any of your communication gear any of
the essential items that you
have figure out what are the most common batteries that you need and get a
stockpile of those you can find batteries at all price
points from inexpensive at the dollar
tree to higher quality ones
at the hardware store think about paper
products if your water goes out you
might want something as simple as a box
with some paper plates
paper napkins a few plastic utensils and
some folded up garbage bags
you can see i used a simple recycling
container to hold these
items they can go easily with my extra
food even into a picnic bag or camping
gear there’s a lot of ways to keep essential
items ready for your use no matter what your day
brings other paper products to include would be
kleenex paper towels toilet paper get a supply of garbage
bags you can find them at the dollar
tree but they’re certainly not the top
quality ones that you could find at the
hardware store
if resources are limited get what you
can but then
know that these aren’t going to be the
best in a real survival situation
and upgrade to some better quality bags
when you can
get some big black plastic bags
and the drawstring tall kitchen bags are
great especially if you need to use them in a
portable toilet like a luggable loo
or a honey bucket line a portable toilet
with the tall drawstring bags
and they fit right in there nicely
they’re a great way to get rid of waste in an emergency
I made a video about how to use a
portable toilet which would be a honey
bucket or a luggable loo I’ll put a link to it
so you can see what supplies I
stashed with it and tips on how to use
it stock up on all different sizes of
ziploc bags do you have pets maybe you need some
extra pet food kitty litter keep an extra leash with
your bug out bag 72 hour kit then if you have to grab and go you’ll
have the leash you need to keep your pet
under control soap lasts nearly forever
have a few bars of soap get some dish
laundry soap have a stockpile that can
possibly last a few months
then you don’t have to worry about going
out and looking for more
soap was a thing that was not available
in the area where I was
at the beginning of this pandemic and I
would hate to be without
once i found it I stocked up to make
sure that didn’t happen again
add to your first aid supplies you can
always use more gauze
tape band-aids ointments
over-the-counter medicines
cough syrups look over what you have
figure out if you have some missing
items and get extras of those do you want to write
things down or have children make sure you have
extra paper pencils crayons scissors tape
the things that you enjoy using are the
items you should want to have in your
stockpile there are items that can help keep your
household running smoothly everything from super glue to duct tape
black electrical tape zip ties these are
all handy for all kinds of repairs that
you may need to do have some rope paracord a clothesline
even some clothes pins can help you
bags clothes clip things together
or even hang your clothes to dry buy a
few extra pairs of new socks and
everybody could always use a few more of those and if there’s a time when say the
water stops running or you get extra
you’re sick and don’t have time to do
laundry having clean socks and underwear
can be a huge help to making your day
and your life
feel like it’s going along more smoothly
extra canning jars rings lids if there
are things that you use and you find them in the store get
them for your stockpile summer will come again if gardening is
something that you like to do so that you can help provide
food for your family stock up on seeds when you have the
opportunity sometimes you can find them
left over in clearance
you can order them online during the
winter months and then you’ll be
prepared to start your garden when the next
season rolls around I’ll put a link to a video I made about
how to make a seed bank for your heirloom seeds look over the
things you use as the day goes on
make sure you have those items that you
use shampoo dental floss hand lotion chapstick
foot powder whatever the things are that
you want
and you count on having make sure that
you have one that you’re using
one that’s your backup and maybe one for
your long-term storage
prepping for emergencies isn’t just
about food you also need
water and the items that you use day to
to keep your life running smoothly so
think back over those categories
of food water first aid hygiene
and personal protection and make sure
that you have the items that you need
to keep yourself and your family as safe
and thriving as possible
if you liked my video I hope you’ll share it with someone else who
might enjoy it
learn more at and
please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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