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make fire starters diy homemade fire starters wood chips pine cones candle wax old candles melted
hi it’s AlaskaGranny a great characteristic of a prepper is someone
who knows how to use what they have to
make what they need do you need some
fire starters summer is coming maybe you want to make fire starters for camping maybe you need
fire starters for lighting your wood stove maybe you want fire starters for your fire pit outside
or even putting into your survival
emergency gear in your bug out bag
here’s an easy way to make fire starters
out of things you might have around the
house look for old candles muffin cups
wood chips and pinecones
you never want to melt wax into a good
pot because you’ll ruin your pot so you
want to do it like a double boiler put a
heavy-duty pot on a burner with some
water in it add an old can to the bottom
and melt your candles in there then when
you’re done you just throw the can away
into your heavy duty pot add an inch of
water place your empty can fill it with
your candles and allow them to melt now
lay out your muffin cups and you can
fill the paper muffin wrappers cups with wood chips or pine cones
when your wax is completely melted be
very careful now because it’s hot take a
pair of tongs and carefully pour the wax over into the wood chips over the pine cones set it
aside and let them cool completely
you just made some very simple long
lasting long burning fire starters that
are great whether you’re going camping
to your fire pit you want to start your
wood stove your fireplace or have an
emergency supply of fire starters with
your emergency survival gear or your bug
out bag
leave a comment below on other ways that you make diy homemade free fire starters so we can all learn and have great new ideas for prepping
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Camping Flashlight How Can One Purchase

8 thoughts to Camping Flashlight How Can One Purchase At 21:47

  1. This is great AG! Gonna try this one and I really loved your tip. I have lots of pine cones! Thanks!

  2. I do the same thing. I have four pine trees on my property.They always dropping cones so instead of me throwing them away. I burn them to keep the mosquitoes away and sometime I would add citronella to them and rosemary.

  3. I also add dryer lint!!!! And also with toilet rollsπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜Έ

  4. Collect dry pine needles from around the trees and bag them for a fire starter. also, dab some petroleum jelly on the pine cones and they light super easy, and cotton balls with petroleum jelly lights great too.

  5. Great use of the all the surplus cones and exhausted candles that still have wax.
    You really encourage creativity and application of good sense. Thanks, AG!

  6. Everyone has hand sanitizer these days. Couple squirts of that on a crumpled up napkin.