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  1. So you can only use the knife when the pliers are open??? I dont think I would like that at all.

  2. If they would have been able to put the blade on the other side of the multi tool, so it could be accessed without deploying the pliers, then they might have had a winner. Also, the Emmy goes to you, Scout, for your coverage of Shot. Great stuff!!

  3. Yeah Im gonna have to get the Switch Pliers. If only the knife and small tools were accessible in the closed position, it would be a home run. But I like MTs so gonna try this one out.

  4. I always thought my basic Leatherman was good & plenty but that is one slick multitool for $65… I like the compactness & pocket clip too.

  5. I thought with the price of this multi-tool and it's shape that it'd have a saw. It looks like it could've contained a very nice saw. I don't know what they were thinking when they designed this tool. It's cool, but it's without certain tools.