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  1. 4.5 minute boil time. successful. absolutely. whats nicer is the insulation around the inner tube. not many have that.

  2. Here's very helpful info regarding this type and a larger version i've made. I made and used the same type rocket stove as on this video for cooking my food almost always twice twice a day everyday for several years and kept them out of the rains and found the fire(s) destroys the metal inner tubes in 6 months. And for evening meals, the coffee can size was problematic because after cooking a pot of beans and then pan-frying after that would be interrupted because the ash builds up in the can and must be raked out so the air can flow but doing so also removes the coals too which are igniting the wood being fed in and so the fire must be started again. And so I solved the problem by making a larger version by using an empty maple syrup drum used for bulk dispensing at a health food store which I obtained for free after the store emptied it and threw it away: each measuring approximately 17 inches high and 13 inches diameter. For the inner pipes, cans the size of around 36-42 oz. – the type pineapple slices come in about a 4 inch diameter. And that stove was most excellent.

  3. hand tools are all one needs: a can-opener, a hammer and screwdriver (to create a hole), and a pair of slightly angled/(Compound Action) Tin Snips to cut the holes.