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  1. Thanks for the video I got a hi point 45 that always fails to feed until it gets towards the bottom of the mag

  2. How can i send my clip to u i last used my hi.point.380 in the snow and my clip spring keeps breaking

  3. Thanks JDalton. This really helped my C9. Great instructions man very easy to follow ! Keep up the great work.

  4. That follower is bent about 5 degrees off. For some reason, most of them are from the factory, the last two 10 rounders I bought were. They wouldn't engage the last shot hold-open. You actually need to bend it so the top of the follower is level with the top of the magazine. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it's how it's supposed to work, I guarantee it. It shouldn't cause any issues with nose-dives.

  5. Helped me out alot man! Thanks. I thought I messed my shit up when it happened to me but luckily your video was here to slowly coach me through the process! Thanks again man

  6. No buddy I literally just fixed my clip took me 2 mins I did not remove the bottom at all or. Wven fool with tabs to fix the spring also all I used was my knife to pull the ahit out and fix it lol seems u doing it right but the longer way ..as I said I did nothing the way your doing it and my shit works works like it did when I first got it ..but thanks ..maybe I should do some vids lol

  7. Thanks so much. Made a world of difference. Did not heat treat but did every thing else. Feeds beautifully now. I did debur the follower because it was hanging up. Took some fine sandpaper to all sides. Very smooth opereation now.
    This would be a simple design change for hipoint to make.

  8. Just bought my first hi point. Got it used and thought it had the wrong mag. No markings and the area in front of the feed lips looked too small. Then I found this videoπŸ‘, so thanks

  9. Never stretch your magazine springs people. Once you destroy that metallurgy/shape of the springs "plastic" form you're weakening it. Any metalurgist will tell you this. Bending up the nose part may help to an extent as long as it's not bent in the bendy/curve of the coil. Better off getting some aftermarket extra power springs from wolf ect tho.