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  1. Also ask them why it doesn't come already put together? All other recoil spring I've bought are already together! Maybe it's so if it comes apart they can say well you put it together and now your the reason it failed! I think that's it, remember it is a LLC company! 😂 Limited Liability Company.

  2. I know this video was made last year but lakeline assembled the guide rods now because of the rods not being pressed or heated correctly not placing blame plus lakeline can be contacted quirky by email

  3. Longevity is the word you were looking for life jevity is not a word I notice you make up words quite a bit when you talk not trying to belittle you or anything but it makes you sound unintelligent when you do that other than that great videos appreciate everything that you do and show for us

  4. Random question, they no longer sell the front black cap. If I wanted it black, to uninstall would I leave the slide back and take off end cap after installing the rod(now they ship it put together)? Also, would you know what paint to use on the end cap? Thanks

  5. The g2c is really got an gettig some attention theis days it would be nice to see somemone come out wit a new barrel an threaded one wit colors , an maybe a compasater an throw a small red dot on top maybe? Just maybe it would rock

  6. I own the Taurus pt709 and installed all lakeline aftermarket parts. Guide Rod. Firing pin sleeve and sights. Very very happy with it. Also have the Taurus TH9. Newer version of the PT809. Just have the Lakeline guide rod installed and also am very happy with it. So far 1500 rounds with no issues what so ever. Very very pleased. Upgrades took me about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to do both guns.

  7. I just installed the lakeline rod/spring, and the pseudo backstrap keep tinkering trigger. Trigger blew me away. It competes with a p365 trigger now.