12 thoughts to Camping Flashlight Roblox How Can We Shop At 22:39

  1. Actually the smaller units with no handle start out at only $9 on the website. The full dress unit rated for 20,000 strikes and equipped with the handle, compass & thermometer goes for $25.

    The only problems you may have with the cheaper units are that the flint is smaller & doesn't put out as much spark and their magnesium alloys are sometimes harder & more difficult to shave. I've never tried one that didn't work, but some definitely work better than others!

  2. I looked and looked for your website and couldn't find it … I would suggest that you people watching this look at the comparisons that are fairly done right here on You Tube … Side by side test done with the cheapies from China to the expensive ones … I started buying the cheapies from Harbor Freight a few years ago and they work just as good as the expensive ones .. Harbor Freight $2.99 I've been using the cheapies now for years and they work great ….

  3. I have had my survival fire starter for a year and a half and that thing still holds up its really worn out though will be getting a new one for sure and the handle never came off like all others

  4. what a load of crap! Made in China does NOT equal to low quality. Price and quality are two different things. Low price can be low quality whereas high price may not be high quality. Nothing to do where it is made. Racist!

  5. Love mine got the orange easiest and best one on the market….thanks Dave for telling us about it plus American made

  6. This list is useful too, what you guys think?:
    It really helped me choose the right fire-starter