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  1. This is laughable that every package has his face on it.
    None of this stuff is has a unique design features, it's all just same servivel tool you can find anywhere.
    The water filter and solar panels!

  2. Merry Christmas….. decent pack but the items can be changed to have 1 of each with some food, tent, sleeping bag and cooking set. No need for multiple of the same use type products. This seems more like a collector/hoarder kit

  3. I still remember back to when I broke my first BG knife. I’ve bought only like 2 knives from the BG line. First one was the folding sheath knife and it used to dull out on me a lot. Then I stabbed it into a chick of wood and the tip broke off.

  4. i'd love to take this pack to a dave canterbury class and what his face as i unload my "survival gear" lol

  5. 0:29 transition
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    0:49 new scene
    0:52 camera angle change
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    Ok you get the idea. I am a minute and a half through, out of 22 and a half minutes. Help.

  6. Would have been nice if they gave some thought to some kind of camp stove or some equipment besides the canteen in the canteen cup to make food and maybe included some food like mountain house or some SOS ration bars in the pack and maybe one of those reflective temporary shelters. They gave no thought to any of that, just crammed it full of every Bear Grylls product they could think of

  7. I stumbled on this crap. All you need to survive is one knife and depending on where you are a water container, nothing else.

  8. I never realised that buying a rucksack could cause injury or death, I'll be more careful in future πŸ˜‰