13 thoughts to Camping Flashlights For Kids How Can We Buy At 15:45

  1. Hey, great vid as always! Be good to see a breakdown review of the medical kit, thanks 😃

  2. The most used part of my Emergency car kit?
    Jumper Cables.

    You're not really prepared if you're dependent on somebody else providing the cables to start your dead battery.
    Considering you can get a set for less than a 10th of the price of this kit I think there's some definite improvements to be made.

  3. Straight to business, clear and quick. Love your stuff, bud, keep them coming. Tell me honestly now, though, are you a little toasted or is it hayfever?

  4. My cousin told me about this company that offers unlimited roadside assistance 24/7 365. Just google ricks vehicle protection

  5. An emergency car kit without:
    Jumper cables
    Tire repair kit
    Emergency lights
    You know, things that will actually help get your car moving again.