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Hey, guys. One more Convoy flashlight.
This time it is combination of
26650 battery, XPL-Hi, Biscotty, and built-in charging
I believe that lots of people
may find this combination useful
for their needs.
If yes, you see description of video,
there is a link to store where you can buy it.
And now, lets take a look at how
M4U shines and i`ll tell you
my overall opinion right from the start
In terms of light, M4U reminded
me very much of people`s choice
Convoy C8 XML-2.
And in terms of size they are quite comparable
– difference here is only in
the diameter of battery compartment part.
By modern standards,
its throw is not impressive at all,
but it is more than enough
for the vast majority of ordinary needs
within like 200-250 meters.
C8 + has uncritically longe range.
But! Only at full charge,
after a short time of 100%,
the M4U will break ahead due
to significantly better stabilization.
Biscotty driver gives you the opportunity
to choose a comfortable group
of modes for yourself.
At the same time, Convoy M4U
is deprived of the mediocre stabilization
of the popular Convoy C8 +
with the same driver and will allow
it to work almost twice
as long without a stepdown.
The cost of 26650 Liiitokala batteries
for it will be only symbolically
more expensive than the
same Liitokala NCR18650B for C8.
M4U now costs about $ 27-28,
which is about $ 7-8
more expensive than C8 +
and $ 10 more expensive than C8,
actually a 13.
It seems to be a difference. But!
The M4U has built-in charging.
And it`ll cost you the same
to buy any decent external charger.
I personally know a certain
number of people who hate
taking out batteries and charge
them in external charger.
So what is the bottom line?
If you have external charger,
and there is no need to shine
for a long time, then C8 +
will work fine, as well as the C8.
They are also suitable for gun mount
for hunting needs (you can buy remote
button for Convoy as well).
But if this is 1st flashlight
and/or you haven’t bought charger,
or if you want to buy sort of an all-in-one kit
if you need to shine for a long time
without a drop in brightness
– look towards Convoy M4U.
As you can understand,
the impressions are almost
all positive. Of the minuses,
I note that the button can skew,
the charging current should be higher.
That’s all, I hope that this
Convoy M4U review of mine
showed what to expect from
this flashlight.
and now let`s take a look at
it`s appearance, UI
and runtime.
Package is Luxury, to Convoy standarts,
that is, not just a white wipe,
but a real thick beige
cardboard box.
Inside – the same set
of a flashlight with a
lanyard and a pair of 18650-to 21700
conversion rings.
Well, as Biscotti is not
the most obvious UI, it would be nice
to add some simplest print with manual.
Flashlight look pretty good.
Design combines downscaled head
of bestseller Convoy M3
with knurling taken from 4X18A.
Actually, you can immediately
evaluate the sizes.
Convoy M4U will take no
more space than C8 + in your pocket.
Fortunately, this combination does
not leave a feeling that in
the end we got some kind of Frankenstein.
The flashlight, looks simple, but good.
This is not Acebeam or Mecarmy
but it looks definenely OK.
As usual, more like
a tool than an stylish thing.
The tail is flat and
the flashlight is pretty stable.
If you have a diffuser
(and it is not difficult to find it
at such a diameter) you will get
a good nightlight in 0.1% mode.
But, in general, S11 looks more
interesting for using with diffuser
There is the thick spring that
would fit even some kind of
XHP70.2 powerful flashlight.
Of course, as any other Convoy,
you can fully disassemble this flashligh.
The thread is large,
it is normally oiled,
there are no complaints
about the machining.
Knurling is tenacious.
Here, by the way,
I have no reason to complain
about the rest of the
models from the comparative photo.
The spring at the head is
significantly thinner than at
the tail, will be enough
for such power . What is not usual
– there are two rings.
One without thread pressess driver,
and there is 2nd regular one upon it.
Button move is soft,
with a noticeable click.
As there is a 1mm gap outside
of button, so it can skew,
micro-usb port cover is
quite thick, it sits tight.
I do not expect any problems here.
Nearby you can see the simplest blue-red
LED charge indicator.
Charge is 1A, 2A would be way better.
The head is just a little bit
longer than one of mid-range flashlights.
Cooling fins doesnt impress
neither with number nor by depth.
But, given the brightness and
overall dimensions of the M4U,
there is no issue with heatsink at all.
The bezel is wide. twists off easily.
And the difference of
reflectors depths is clearly
visible here, it is clear C8+
has really longer reflector.
It makes no sense to treat
this as disadvantage as there are
lots of situations, when you need
some light for working
at closer range, and M4U
should be more convenient here than C8+.
Glass has enlightenment
and anti-reflecive coating
At the bottom – copper plate
with XPL-Hi, the same as C8+ has.
That, in fact, is all.
Everything looks good.
besides button gap and 1A charge amperage
UI. Biscott, known for the
many past models.
I`m not fan of it for it`s
mediocre stabilization which outweights
(for me) all the convenience
of mode presets choice.
I’ll get ahead of myself –
it’s WAY better here in M4U.
The rest is the same
How the Convoy M4U shines
As usual, you have
choice of different color temperature.
I got 5000K.
Look at pic, here is strange thing.
Looks like M4U has a slightly
more focused hoptspot vs C8 +.
When you use them alive,
it is opposite. I would say
that the difference in reflector
size is much larger than the
total difference in light,
I definitely expected more M4U
has throw similar to M21B,
closer to mid-range flashlights
than to throwers.
And if the difference
in light is surprisingly insignificant,
then Convoy M4U is so much
better Convoy C8C8+ in stabilization
and runtime
With a 26650 battery,
you get a full hour of work
at maximum brightness.
And after two hours, M4U will
still shine at 50%, while
C8 + has long fallen to 20-25%.
Personally, I am 100% satisfied.
This is the best stabilization
you can squeeze out of Biscotty,
as far as I understand
the specifics of the .
driver construction
And this directly affects
the throw.
If C8 + is slightly better
when battery is fully charged,
then after a short time
you face stepdown while M4U
continues to shine at the
same level and became leader.
In general, in terms of light
distibuution and throw,
it reminds me very much
of the good olde C8 XML-2.
for most people, the light of M4U
is quite enough – you rarely
need to illuminate things at distance
more than 150-200 meters from you,
and it is quite a feasible distance
for Convoy M4U.

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  1. Всем привет! 26650 нормально будет? Пришел вчера этот фонарь, до этого был китайский зумовик, но этот реально порадовал… 18650 быстро сдулся до половины света.

  2. Ок! Лайк. Алексей, слишком всё быстро показали-рассказали. Пролетел обзор в миг. Это огорчило. Люблю такое смотреть с удовольствием, вникая. А вы как спешили куда-то. Как трейлер к отличному фильму вышел. Нет, всё супер, поймите правильно, что я хотел сказать. Обзор понравился, фонарь нет! Что в нём? Вообще ничего не нашёл в нём за 30у.е. Вот за 18-20у.е может и нашёл бы, но вряд ли бы купил.Не пойму зачем его выпустили по дикой цене. Какая ниша? Зачем выбрасывать в никуда и в ничто 30 баксов? Это имхо! Субъективная т.з.! Никакого отношения к качеству, свету (его там нет) фонаря не имеет.

    Вопрос маленький. Convoy M21C и M26C есть стабилизация по току, как в вашем S11 в обзоре? Спасибо за труды и профессионализм.