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5 things preppers can do now coming crisis uncertain future covid19 coronavirus pandemic second wave election unrest protests
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’m out at Granny Camp which is my
Alaska off-grid cabin today I wanted to discuss five things
that preppers can do to get ready for what’s coming next prepping for what is next
crisis pandemic covid19 coronavirus pandemic second wave election protests unrest
there’s been a lot of changes in our
world in the last year
starting with the coronavirus covid19
pandemic shutdown economic crisis
which has shut down our economy it’s
stopped people from going to school
many people have lost their jobs we’ve
had all kinds of changes in the last
year which no one would have predicted
that our world could change so quickly
there’s also an election coming up and
the rhetoric
is extremely negative people have been
talking negatively
about our leaders the police our school
systems the post office
and just about every level of our daily
what’s the future going to hold we don’t
know you combine
the current politics and coronavirus
with the natural occurrences of things
hurricanes tornadoes floods crop
earthquakes there are all kinds of
natural disasters that occur all over
the world every single year and maybe some of
those have affected your community this year there are still
things we can do ways we can prepare to have the best
possible outcome prepping for emergencies in our lives going forward the first
emergency solution prepping prepper readiness thing you can do is stock up on food you need to have a
stockpile of short-term and long-term foods short-term food stockpile would be
foods that you have in your pantry
canned goods packaged goods things that
you eat on a normal everyday basis
have several months worth of that food then
you should stock up on some long-term
food storage foods things like rice beans
oatmeal foods that are designed and
packaged to put away and last
for decades think about if there’s a
secondary location when you could also
stash some food for emergencies
so that if for some reason you had to
bug out and leave your home evacuate
you’ll still have a stash of food
somewhere and should you need to bug
out make sure you have a Bug Out Bag a
Bug Out Bag is also called a 72
hour kit it includes all of the prepping gear
emergency supplies you would need to
survive and take care of yourself for 72
hours or three days or several days until either you can
figure out what to do next or help can come and help you you need a
variety of emergency prepping survival supplies in your Bug Out Bag just like you do in your home what goes in a bug out bag
you need some food water some first aid
gear a few hygiene supplies
tools maybe a way to start a fire a warm
change of clothing
and other essentials without going
overboard so that your Bug Out Bag is
too heavy for you to grab and go
I’ll put a link to a video I made about
how to update your Bug Out Bag and it’ll
go through each of the areas of critical must have emergency prepping survival supplies
and the types of things that you want to
include in your emergency stash stockpile Bug Out Bag
next you need to make sure that
you have some water no matter the emergency people need
water in every emergency situation how much water should you store
you need at least one gallon of water per person
per day for as many days as possible you
can buy bottled water at the store
you can fill up clean empty containers
you can buy jugs and even water barrels
whether you’re purchasing water or
filling up your own water storage containers
if you’re filling them up from a source
of water that’s already safe to drink
you don’t need to worry about doing
anything else
fill up your container put on the lid
and put it away store the water in a cool
dark dry place should the water in your
home become contaminated
or stop running and you’ve used up all
your bottled water
you need to have a way to filter and
purify water that you
might get from another source don’t just
get a water filter like a brita
that’s meant for just removing
chlorinated smells
you need something that actually
purifies your water something like a
berkey water filter or a life straw
that actually removes all of the
contaminants the viruses the bacterias
that make water unsafe to drink learn
ways to purify water from boiling it to
adding water purification
tablets learn some of those skills how to purify water and store water filter water
and ideas so that you know what to do
should you face that situation the next
topic of things preppers can do now is
shelter safety ways that you can harden your home make your home as safe as possible
that you can make your home as safe as possible your
locks your windows your security safer and better
you can do things like add deadbolts but
then be sure you use them
you can add long screws into the door
jambs so that people can’t just kick in
your door there are also plates that you can get
where the doorknob is that make the door jam stronger
and more secure you can get security
you can even get little gadgets from the
Dollar Tree but for one dollar from Dollar Tree prepping ideas
you can put a simple alarm on your windows and doors turn them on and the Dollar Tree door and window alarms
emit a loud sound if someone should try
to enter your home
try making your home safer and more secure something as simple as adding a
stick in the track of a
sliding window and if your windows can
be lifted out
you can also place a dowel or a stick
across the top of the window track
inserted into the top frame of the
window you’ll know it’s there and you
can remove it but somebody else can’t
lift it out to try to get into your home
put up some outside lights keep your
bushes trimmed away from your windows
make sure you have smoke alarms
and fire extinguishers that are up to
date and ready to use
what if you needed to leave your home do
you have a tent a tarp even black plastic bags and some
paracord so that you could rig up
some sort of an emergency shelter maybe
you want to consider a Life Tent Life Tent from Go Time Gear Life Tent and a Life Bivy Life Bivvy from Go Time Gear
they’re lightweight and sturdy emergency
shelters that can go easily into your
car your Bug Out Bag and can be a part of
your emergency survival stockpile survival gear
in a lot of emergencies first aid is
critical make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit
first aid kit you can buy one that’s ready made you
can go even to the Dollar Tree and buy
all the different kind of components for first aid kits
just make sure that you have a wide
of all of the different categories of a
great first aid kit
I’ll put a link to a video I made about
all of the different categories and the
things that you want to include in a top notch first aid kit
first aid kit lights out kit power outage load shedding what if your lights go out your power is
out what are you going to do now
do you have flashlights do you have
emergency lanterns do you have some candles and if so do
you have matches maybe you have oil lamps do you have the
fuel for the oil lamps the wicks and a way to light the oil lamps candles do you
have some kind of a camping stove so
that you can heat up your food
there are a lot of different items that
you can have in your lights out kit
power outage no electricity emergency gear kit stockpile
everything from flashlights with extra
batteries glow sticks
head lamps oil lamps candles
there are a wide variety of supplies
that should be in your lights out
and your emergency cooking kit so that
you can provide those things for your
in times of need you want to diversify
your prepping supplies into many
different areas categories of prepping supplies you need food you need water you need
tools you need security
you need all kinds of different
categories of items to make sure that you have the best
outcome no matter the emergency situation
so look over your prepping supplies and ask yourself
do i have the things I need what do I do
to protect myself who could I call in times of need as
our world becomes more dangerous it’s
all the more critical
that you keep your prepping supplies and
your movements your
plans to yourself we don’t know who’s
listening we don’t know what they want
we don’t know who they’re talking to or
how we’re being judged
it’s time for operational security we’re
living in dangerous times and people are
being judged for having prepping supplies
they’re being called hoarders they’re being judged as selfish
when all we’re trying to do is ensure
we have the things we need to provide
for our families
just as we choose to prepare people
not to and we don’t vilify those who
don’t in fact we usually try to
encourage others so
that the more of us who prepare the
better off we all will be but that response is not being returned
in kind pay attention to the events that
are unfolding in the news
especially the area around where you
we need to pay attention to what’s going
on so we can do the best we can
to take care of ourselves and our
leave a comment on what you
think about these five things that
preppers can do and if you have other
suggestions to help us stay
safe in an uncertain world
if you enjoyed my video i hope you’ll share it with someone else who might like it
learn more at and
please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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13 thoughts to Camping Flashlights Lanterns Order Online At 3:43

  1. Here's one more thing to add to one's Prepper List… SOCKS.
    For months now I've been looking at my dwindling cotton sock supply.. now I wish I had not put it off so long. I went on line only to find that my brand is out of my favorite kind. They are now twice as expensive and half as good.
    Something is going on with the sock industry.. and it's not good.
    I managed, finally to find something.. but not really what I wanted. Has anyone else had sock issues?

  2. Create a list of barter items that can be used in the future when the currency is worthless. In the olden days they used services and products to trade in place of money.

  3. Last September (2019), the President said to prepare for emergencies. He proclaimed September as emergency preparedness month.
    We all have to prepared for emergencies common to our area. That we all should do.
    Those who buy a warehouse of toilet paper, etc. and then turn around and sell it at a high price, however, are the hoarders and price gougers

  4. Such a coincidence that you brought up a BOB. I have a medium ALICE pack that probably weighs about 45#…I had this since I was 32, now I’m 52, don’t think I can hump this anymore. Lol…my husbands one weighs about 80#. My
    How our outlook of things has changed in a short period of time (those in my age group know what I mean πŸ˜‚) Bugging out is the last resort for us now and my BOB will be configured to something more lighter and not eye catching.
    Very informative video.
    Many blessings and much Aloha πŸŒ΄πŸ€™πŸ½πŸŒ‹

  5. I have plans to replace the roses with gooseberry bushes planted under my windows.

    Lots of thorns to deter intruders, but fruit giving plants as well. Gooseberry crumble is an old recipe, but not many people would recognise the bushes these days because they've fallen out of favour somewhat due to the sour nature of the fruit.

    Don't get me on the media insinuation that preppers are selfish. Especially because, with us using our preps in times of emergency, it actually reduces pressure on supply chains!

  6. QUESTION, can I put my flour, rice, beans and macaroni that are in jars that have oxygen absorbers in them in my unheated shop. We do get freezes, but not deep freezes for an extended time. Thank you

  7. Hi Alaska Granny, good video. Once you start prepping, you need to take care of so many things. My approach: a prepper cannot survive alone. You need at least four, preferably six adults to watch each others back day and night. Therefore all my preps are aimed at supplying six adults for at least half a year. That includes water, food, shelter, heating and light… indeed the five categories you mentioned.
    Next, my first choice is bunkering in. Preparations four six people for half a year make only sense if you bunker in. For me, bugging out is the last option – when the whole thing falls apart and nothing else works. In fact, all my preparations would have failed. It would mean that my wife and I become mere fugitves, trying to find shelter with family elsewhere.