13 thoughts to Camping Flashlights Where Can We Buy At 21:42

  1. All mini survival kits are fantasy toys. The scenarios people use to justify them are ridiculous. Btw, a silver survival blanket reflects up to 90% of radiant heat, and only about 10% of the heat you lose from your body is radiant. So you still lose over 90% of your body heat through one of those.

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  3. What's the best already compiled survival kit out there please? One that preferably includes a stove etc, i saw one with maxpedition bag 500 pounds sterling…?

  4. Of the two survival kits I have Gerber is second and my best is the one sold by Survival Angel which does have more useful tools, with the Gerber coming in second with what they give you. Survival Angel gives you a useful compass, which Gerber don't give you, and the tactical pen which I find very useful. Gerber does give you the nice multi-tool, but the blade have to be sharpened because it is dull when you receive it.

  5. I almost feel like this was made for middle schoolers. Intro is too overboard.
    And this kit just seems like something that would not actually come in use if Iā€™m really in a SHTF situation.

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