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  1. Hi Eric. Thanks man. You can search Condor Tool and Knife online… Their website should come up… Prices should be listed there. I'm not sure if they have the 2013 line posted yet. Have a great night! ~David

  2. Use any one from and of our video descriptions… Just under each video… click the "Show More" tab… Thanks Carlos! ~David

  3. Is the BG Machete worth it in your opinion? I think it's eye candy, but I was definitely impressed by other machetes as well.

  4. For what its worth I've got one of the pre-recall parangs. (the horror) I've chopped and hacked alot of stuff with it. It took a shaving edge and has held up well except for a nick in the tip from me smacking a small rock. When its buried deep in wood it flexes alot but hasn't broken. I was trying to see how much it would take. I'm happy with it.

  5. In Filipino language "Parang" means Field or Pasture. We call this knife as Itak or Gulok. Just for information.