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homemade MRE’s DIY emergency meals ready to eat bug out bag meals
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper what are MREs they are emergency meals ready-to-eat they were developed
by the military to make sure that
soldiers in the field always had a
ready-to-go meal that they could open
and eat didn’t require any preparation
misinformation has been circulating
about MREs emergency meals for many years that they MRE’s last
forever which is simply not true MREs
were designed to last from three to five
years sometimes they’ll last for up to
seven but that’s if they have been
stored in a cool dark dry place the idea
that you have boxes of MREs and you have
food that lasts forever into the end of the millennium is just simply not true
you need to have food that you know you
can count on but you also need food that
you’re willing to eat I’ve opened a few
MRE’s that were old and trust me they
were not even edible I’ll put a link to
a couple of those videos if you want to
see about my opening and trying some old MRE’s don’t count on food lasting forever
if it wasn’t designed for that you need
to use information to help you have what
you need when the time comes an
alternative to purchasing MREs which can
be pretty expensive is to put together
your own DIY homemade MRE’s and that’s what I’m going to
talk about today you can find a wide
variety of flavors of foods already
packed into pouches that are ready to
eat they come from healthy varieties
vegan varieties gluten free foods varieties to just comfort food varieties you can
find the ready to eat meals in pouches or trays and then you can supplement the meals with all kinds of
prepackaged grab-and-go snacks so today I’m going to put together some homemade DIY MREs that
are going to be for my Bug Out Bag
my Get Home Bag and put them away for
emergencies then in times of need you can grab one of your homemade DIY MRE’s take it with you or open it up
and eat it one of the guidelines for
packaging up an MRE
make sure it has a variety of food
and it equals at least 1200 calories you
want easy to open and eat foods that can
be stored away and that’ll last for
quite some time for example you could
put together an entree with a rice pouch
most of the pouches have between 300 and 400 calories but you need to read them
carefully so that you’re aware of
exactly how many calories you’re putting
together because it varies from
container to container you don’t want to
run short on food in an emergency
so pick an entree that you like maybe 2
if you think you might get extra hungry
then you can fill in your homemade DIY MRE with things like
pop-tarts nutrigrain bars crunchy
granola bars packets of tuna if you’re
vegan you can look for some of the Loma
Linda fishless tunas these are the same
concept of tuna in a meatless form vegan vegetarian sustainable plant based protein then you can find packages of dried nuts and
fruit you can find dehydrated fruits you
can also find a little applesauce
pouches that are designed for children
the one thing about these fruit pouches though is the
little top has kind of sharp edges you
don’t really want a container that has
sharp edges or anything that’s hard and
pointed because it could actually make a
hole in your homemade DIY MRE packet and then your food isn’t going to stay as fresh as it
can for a drink option
I like these powdered Eco drink multivitamins pouches
they are little powders that are actually
vitamin supplement drinks and you can
stir this into your water if you want a
more refreshing beverage or the water
that you have doesn’t taste very good
something like this is healthy and it
can help you enjoy your beverages more
then you want a way to eat it make sure
you include some sort of a utensil I
like to include a spoon because I find
that forks tend to the little tines tend to
break off they’re also sharper and they
can end up poking a hole in your
container I like to put the homemade DIY MRE together
with a paper towel I wrap it around the
selection of food
so that it helps buffer it from getting
punctured if you have a food saver it’s
great to vacuum seal these together but
if you don’t that doesn’t mean you can’t
make your own get some very sturdy fries
or zip top bags and wrap them up in that
get a gallon freezer zip top ziploc bag they’re extra sturdy you can put your foods into
it squeeze out as much air as possible
zipper the top and it’s going to stay
together for a long time keeping it much
fresher and together so that when you
need it you can still grab and go your homemade DIY MRE
MRE so let me show you a few of the
combinations of foods that I’m going to put
together for my MRE there’s all types of different foods you can include into an MRE choose
foods that you like that you’re willing
to eat but make sure that you keep track
of the best buy sell buy dates they
could probably last maybe a year past
the expiration date on the food but you
want to keep track of that
and so that you don’t end up wasting all
of your food that you’ve stored things
like crackers tend to break things like
chocolate tends to melt so be aware of
the hazards of some kinds of foods that
you might want to put into your homemade
DIY MREs put together foods that you
like in combinations that are going to
make a full meal for you and then put
them in your Bug Out Bag your Get Home Bag emergency survival gear
with your emergency gear and even
store a few in your pantry make sure you
have a several days supply of DIY emergency MRE’s for each
member of your family and then when
they’re reaching their expiration date
if you haven’t used them yet take them
outside have a picnic get them out and use them for dinner go for a ride out in the
woods and hike around and then have the MRE for your meal none of these need to be
wasted it’s still foods that you like in
a regular part of your food storage and
your emergency planning
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  1. You're Vegan? If you're hungry, you'll turn omnivore in 10 seconds. Besides, most Vegans can't go 5 minutes before telling you they are proVegetable. Usually they're asshoLoEs

  2. I've eaten an MRE that was almost 25 years old, it was horrible, but still edible.

  3. My idea of a MRE is one of my home canned jars of meat I have prepped, .. or a can of beans. Or BOTH! Imagine that.

    I have no idea what's coming down the tube, .. but I know it's not good.
    This practiced "win/lose" we use to structure our every affair can only result in us all losing.
    Now how that "loss" will manifest itself in our lives and with the perversion of the practiced win/lose is yet to be seen, but I bet it will take us all by surprise. Specially us "preppers". We'll be all, "I didn't see that coming!" or "How the (bleep) was I to prepare for THAT?"
    Because really, when the SHTF, we'll not all jump up and start to work together in respect, dignity, and diplomacy for the greater good, the highest potential, the Win/Win.
    If we were capable of such holy and divine actions, we'd be doing so now.
    As it is, Satan rules with "denial" and the perversion of the practiced win/lose. Divide and conquer anyone?
    Denial, … get it? … Now repeat after me, .. "I'm not brainwashed to support and maintain that which is intrinsically detrimental to myself, my children, my neighbors, and the world in general, I'm not perverted by the practiced win/lose paradigm I believe is sane and honourable."
    Denial, serving drunks, (I'm not a drunk! I can quit anytime!" hic ) and the perverted people of the win/lose for generations.
    Nope, I'm afraid that when the SHTF for real, … we'll all be at each other throats striving to be winners by making sure all others lose.
    It's all we understand, worship, and practice, is the self inflicted retardation of the win/lose paradigm to structure our every affair.
    To say anything else is a denial of our current reality and a serious symptom of the self inflicted retardation. … lol
    Oops! I'm ranting again!… My bad, …
    Think Win/Win good people, or remain perverted and receive you just reward.
    Have a great one.

  4. When your packing your bags how many days of meals do you plan? 3 meals a day. Just curious.

  5. I like what you did here. This a great alternative to Military MREs do to the price. Check out Steve1989MREInfo on youtube he opens up fairly odd MREs to see if there edible.

  6. You are always so poised and put together, it was a treat to see you laughing! Made me smile!

  7. My sister in law was in the military in Germany. They got rations from the government once a year. The mres were from w,w,2. They were still good.

  8. Sammy has provided an outro. Many years ago, my dog used to enjoy β€œsinging” with my brothers, as well.