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  1. Not bad. Where a old Alaskan trick, have cardboard cut-outs for the windows of truck and extra emergency foil blankets for each window. Keeps the heat from escaping thru the glass. Be sure it's dry. I froze a couple cardboard to side windows. Maybe a neck pillow.

  2. Thinker at work again!
    Dude that jacket with the hood feature looks good. Looks like the old cape worn by Southern gentlemen.
    Real good video bro~~John

  3. So you've bought a pick up truck just so you can fill up the platform with all this stuff, because there is no way you can drive around with all those things in a regular car.

  4. better suggestion then idolling the car for hours, a tealight lit inside the cab will keep the cab warm in -40celcius. less carbon monoxide risk and they fit nearly evverywhere theres a small area. 🙂 its worked for my family in canadian prarie winters.

  5. you ever just put space blanket cut bit longer than window size so all the inside is insulated better? i use the summer version on windscreen and the rear window for the side i just put un ten roll up window the bottom just has pencils and other things to help with survial even some fat wood.

  6. I've got the same truck with same colour scheme but with grey interior 😉

    Just put a full cap on the back. The lower Tonneau cover caused some of my prep gear to go moldy due to the trapped humidity in the winter…..

  7. What is the rope you have in the kit? Climbing or brand specific? I love 550 so wondering how it might serve better?