13 thoughts to Credit Card Knife Amazon Where To Order At 19:40

  1. Pretty cool Mods! I like the line holder on the back of the sheath, I've never seen that one done before. I've been meaning to play around with Kydex just never get around to it.

  2. Been going through a bunch of Kydex videos and came across yours. Looks like you did very well for the first try. I have put up a couple videos this weekend of my setup as I am just starting to give it a try.

  3. I have I was talking to u about maybe getting one for the 52 I think the sharper idea I had your right does not work that ive seen cheers bro

  4. Nice work, I think the key is to make it bigger than what you think you need then sand it down to size, easier to take away than to add…

  5. Hell yeah brother that's awesome. Looks like you could be a pro in no time. I've seen mixed reviews on the crotalus since I've been interested in it. What kind of luck have you had with it? Seems like a real solid knife for the money but those bad reviews have me a little nervous.