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Prepping For One How To Start Prepper Pantry
Must Have Emergency Survival Gear hi it’s
AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you a single
person perhaps you live alone and you’re concerned
with what kind of prepper pantry food storage can
I do for myself how can I prep as a single person
I’m all alone and there’s just too much to think
about it’s too hard to plan prep but you know what
it isn’t because for one thing you only have
to worry about what you like to eat you don’t
have to worry about what people in your family
will eat so it’s really kind of easy in some
respects the thing to remember about prepping is
don’t let the things you can’t do discourage you
from the things that you can do prepping doesn’t
need to be for an apocalypse it needs to be for
the day-to-day emergencies that come everyone’s
way maybe there’s a power outage a winter storm
perhaps you’ve lost your job or had an economic
downturn a bill you didn’t expect or just all the
natural disasters that happen wherever you happen
to live and those are the types of situations that
you need to plan for if you live where there’s
hurricanes prepare if you live with their
earthquakes prepare for that if you live where
there’s tornadoes that’s what you prepare for
what kind of foods should you stockpile if
you’re prepping for one easy what do you
like to eat make a menu plan of what you eat in
a week or keep track of what you do eat this week
then the next time you go to the store the
items that you chose that are shelf stable
instead of buying one for next week you buy
two and you put one in your pantry to use
and one in your prepper pantry stockpile then
the next week you buy two again one to use
one for your stockpile and before you know it
you’ll have several extra weeks worth of food
even if you only have one extra dollar buy one
extra item and put that in your stockpile little
by little you can build up your stockpile until
you have an extra week’s worth of food two weeks
worth of food a month’s worth of food in your food
storage and it isn’t as daunting when you look at
it as a little at a time nobody who’s a prepper
went out and bought everything to fill a bunker
in one day every one of us stockpiled a little
at a time and then you rotate the things that
you have you use those things but you don’t just
use them up you use them and replace them so that
you still have an adequate extra supply of the
foods that you enjoy eating when you go to the
store you can find foods that are designed for
single meals there are all kinds of pouch meals
packets of meals meals in little dishes that are
designed to go in the microwave there’s all kinds
of those things and those are nice to have for
an emergency because they’re completely cooked
and prepared you’re only supposed to zap them
in the microwave but guess what because they’re
completely cooked if you don’t have a way to heat
them up you can still tear them open and eat them
and you have a full meal it probably tastes better
heated up but it’s not necessary to heat it up and
in some situations where you don’t have power
being able to just tear it open and eat can be
a blessing I like to take some of those kind of
foods when I go out to my Granny Camp which is
my Alaska off-grid cabin because there’s no power
running water one of the things that I do is on my
little camping stove I’ll heat up a pot of water
drop in the pouch meal and let the pouch heat up
in the water and then you can tear it open and
you have a hot meal so there are ways around
power outages you might consider getting something
as simple an emergency stove Coghlan Sterno is
very inexpensive they only cost a few dollars you
can pick up the little cans of sterno fuel but if
you have a Dollar Tree near you you can also buy
the Fancy Heat and those are only one dollar and
give several hours worth of heat Fancy Heat from
Dollar Tree little alcohol stoves they aren’t
going to heat anywhere near as quickly as heating
on your stove but it can certainly be effective
heating up your food to make it more palatable and
being able to even heat up some water make some
coffee or tea or add some water to foods that are
instant and need a little bit of cooking ready to
eat meals come in little bowls and little pouches
they also come in cans look over the canned foods
you go up and down the aisle and see what
foods look interesting what might i like to eat
and then if you think one looks interesting
buy one take it home and try it if you like
it you can always go back and get more so
you can see it doesn’t look very appetizing
the package looks much better and
technically it smells pretty horrible
but I guess it’s only fair
if I actually give it a taste
okay it tastes as terrible as it smells
think of it as an adventure every time
you go to the store look for something
different that’s what I do it adds variety
into your meals that can be the
hardest thing is avoiding food fatigue
it’s also important to think about the long-term
food storage grab a bag of rice get a bag of beans
you can store them into mason canning jars you
want them in an airtight container you don’t have
to buy buckets of food you don’t have to get mylar
bags and oxygen absorbers you can seal your food
in clean empty jars and plastic bottles that
have held food plastic bottles need to be
p-e-t or p-e-t-e things like a pop bottle that
are cleaned out that are sturdy and can hold food
don’t use something like an empty milk jug they’re
not designed to last and you just can’t get out
all of the residue of milk solids so whatever
container you decide to use make sure that you
clean it well and then when you think it’s clean
put on the lid and leave it for a few hours then
remove the lid and smell it see if you’ve got
all the aroma out of pickles or orange juice some
strong food odors you just can’t remove it and so
it’s not necessarily something that you want to
use to store a different kind of food you don’t
want the aroma of pickles in all of your food
what’s interesting is the little cups of things
like macaroni and cheese sometimes cost as much
or more than an entire box that makes more food
so maybe you want to go ahead and buy the whole
box because you can put half of it away in
the refrigerator or just eat more of it so
that you make sure you have enough to eat and
you make your food dollars go a little farther
Betty Crocker muffin mixes and Idahoan
potatoes are just two of my favorite go-to’s
the muffin mixes you only add water it makes six
little muffins and the mashed potatoes you just
add water you can even make half the package and
save the other half you can still have all of the
condiments and ingredients that you like buy them
in smaller sizes choose the smaller size so the
food doesn’t spoil before you use it up get the
full value out of your grocery and food storage
dollars look for shelf stable milk powdered
milk I recommend the Nido powdered milk it’s
Nido Fortificada it’s by nestle and it is really
delicious powdered milk it lasts for several years
I store it in a canning jar airtight container
I can get it out and scoop out as much as I want
whenever I need to use it for my recipes also you
can look for something as simple as egg replacer
from Bob’s Red Mill you can use egg replacer when
you’re baking and the one package of powdered
egg replacer it’s not eggs but there’s the
equivalent of 34 eggs in the package so you can
use it in your baking if you want eggs this isn’t
going to work but it works great if you’re baking
look for fruits and vegetables in small serving
portions look for dehydrated or dried fruits
and vegetables for example you can find carrot
chips I found sun dried tomatoes dried carrots
at the Dollar Tree you can also find energy
blends protein blends fruits and nuts in small
packages tropical fruit mix at Dollar Tree they’re
very good and they’re pre-portioned in multi-packs
so they are single servings on the inside one
of the delicious foods I found are Whisps cheese
crisps they’re 100 cheese they’re real cheese
and I found them in the produce department
and it’s little rounds of cheese that can
last for a long time in a shelf-stable form
look for cans of meat you can find them in small
sizes salmon ham chicken tuna you can also find
them in little pouches some of the flavors of
pouches I’ve tried and I found them to not be
very good they I don’t like the extra things they
mixed in them so if you think you’d like it like
I did take one home and try it and if you like
it you can always go back and get more something
I found interesting was the little pouches have
far less food in them than the cans and some of
the pouches even cost more if you can afford it
get some of the Mountain House backpacker meals
they’re already dehydrated they have a shelf
life of 25 years you only have to add water to
make a meal what’s nice about these is yes you’re
supposed to add boiling water but they’re designed
so that if you can’t heat water you can still
add water and you just wait twice as long and
they’re going to rehydrate so they may not taste
as good but they’re certainly going to be fine
along with food make sure that you’re getting
necessary survival gear just simple items that
will keep you safe in your home if there’s
a power outage or some kind of an emergency
you can get Coghlan Sterno folding stove make
sure that you have a little pot some fuel
and a spoon think about emergency shelter
something like a Life Tent a Life Bivy
from Go Time Gear keep you warm a poncho
a survival blanket get some paracord this
stuff is great paracord lasts forever and say the
power goes out you need to hang your clothes up
on a clothesline you can make one out of some
paracord it can be as simple as that get a few
flashlights have the batteries that go with them I
like this flashlight because it’s usb rechargeable
make sure you have some kind of a radio so
that you can keep track of what’s going on
this radio is the Eton Scorpion it also
has a flashlight and it works really great
get some candles make sure you have matches
and lighters get an external battery bank like
a solar power pack if you want to make sure
that you can keep your electronics charged up
store water and then you can get something as
simple as a Life Straw water filter bottle or
some other kind of a water filter to make sure
that you’ll continue to have fresh drinking water
maybe you’ll need to start a fire get something
as simple as Insta-Fire or make some fire starters
yourself you can get something as simple as
a plastic tote that can fit under your bed
put your supplies in there a little at a time as
you gather them up think about all of the areas
of prepping from food water shelter first
aid and any tools and emergency supplies
that you want to have on hand so that you can
take care of yourself the best that you can
prepping doesn’t have to be hard whether
it’s for a single person or a family
you just need to start where you are do a
little at a time add to your stockpile plan
for the future and before you know it you’ll
have so many prepping emergency supplies and
you’ll feel more confident in yourself and the
skills that you have and that you’ll know you’ll
be able to help take care of yourself no matter
what the future brings if you enjoyed my video I
hope you’ll share it with someone else you think
might like it learn more at
and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny
channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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  1. I love Suddenly Salad (ranch and bacon require mayo), and Delux white mac and cheese (you can put the mac and cheese in a quesadilla.)

  2. Before 2020s huge panic push i bought 8 oz and 4 oz jelly jars to store meals in a jar… and also used the mylar bags… small ones. I have a food saver to remove extra air along with oxygen absorbers… this was my first winter in a new city that is known for cold, snowy weather… didn't want to have to go out during negative temperatures to get groceries… it worked very well. Since my husband passed, I have been tracking how much water I use along with what I use for my pets. 🙂 I also stocked up on the store bought ready meals just in case power went out.

  3. My husband got us a marine battery and inverter and this way we can plug in our cell phones or a lamp or a radio if we need to. It’s been great to take camping and also to use in emergencies.

  4. I use the Nido milk a lot. We don’t drink much milk so it’s mostly for recipes. This has saved me throwing out sour milk and all those plastic jugs to dispose of. And it actually tastes good when I do want the occasional glass with some cookies. 😊

  5. Are you on Twitter? I’ve been tweeting your videos and there seems to be a lot interest from my followers.

  6. Lots of great and useful information packed into this one video! Even for those who are not prepping for just one person! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your YouTube channel and your website to help others learn and grow. God bless!

  7. This week was a bit of a tryout for me. I twisted my knee in the snow, just over a week ago and I’ve been housebound ever since, just afraid I might slip on ice, when I’m already injured.

    I was also too busy with a completely out of control work project to actually even make it out for curbside pickup at my local Target anyway and, since it has snowed again, since I twisted my knee, who’s going to dig out my car anyway?

    But, I have plenty of variety of foods for myself and my 2 cats. I didn’t need to depend on my downstairs neighbor, who’s looking for an “in” either.

    Now, all I’m waiting for, is for my knee to heal and the weather to warm up a bit and melt the snow around my car so, I can go out and restock the items I’ve eaten.

    I’m not yet as prepared as the people in TX needed to be as, I have power and heat, but it’s obviously a warning. I still need to buy a solar generator but, I’m hoping for another bonus from work, to close the gap on the cost of one.

    So, I just have to be glad regarding whatever prep I did last Summer and Fall, that made a pretty bad February a whole lot easier and safer, than it would’ve been. It is a lesson that it doesn’t have to be a big, televised disaster or apocalyptic. It can be a few, small personal things that come together, out of nowhere, that can make it so that leaving your house a bad idea.

  8. SHTF down my way in Texas. Had neighbors bunk with us during the outages of water and electricity. They did not have secondary heat source. We had a fireplace. Got down to 5 degrees here. Had everything ready so it was not a big deal for us. Best thing we had was the Newport Smart Battery Box Power Center with USB and DC Ports, put a small inverter in the cigarette lighter and could charge phones, run computer and have lights and radio on… look it up on amazon

  9. Thanks again for your videos. Your wisdom helped to save our family down here in Texas during recent ice storm. God is good.

  10. Love your videos. Thought I'd pass this along for cookie lovers. You can fry them. Low and slow, add lid, flip. Where's the powdered milk? Directions on Google. Easy

  11. Love your videos. Thought I'd pass this along for cookie lovers. You can fry them. Low and slow, add lid, flip. Where's the powdered milk? Directions on Google. Easy