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holiday gifts for preppers
christmas gifts for preppers
prepper must haves
top 10 prepper items to buy
hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you’re looking
for holiday gift ideas and stocking
stuffers for preppers and outdoorsman
here are some wonderful examples of
things that I like and that I’m gifting
to my family INSTAFIRE is a fire starter is a product
that lights wet wood and it burns at
nearly 1,000 degrees you can light a
fire on snow on water on ice with
INSTAFIRE pour INSTAFIRE into a pile
light the rock part of INSTAFIRE with a
match or lighter then place wood over
the flame making sure you don’t smother
the fire INSTAFIRE burns for 10 to 15 minutes
comes in a waterproof pouch is safe to
store even near food you can use INSTAFIRE
to light campfires in your
fireplace use it for cooking on charcoal
and for emergencies one packet lights up
to four fires
the SOL emergency blanket reflects
ninety percent of your body’s heat back
to you SOL emergency blanket
has a bright orange exterior which is
easy to spot even in bad weather
SOL emergency blanket measures 84 inches by 56 inches and
is large enough to shelter an adult SOL Emergency Blanket
provides protection from water and wind
can be folded back up and used again SOL Emergency Blanket
only weighs two and a half ounces make
sure to have a SOL Emergency Blanket
with your Bug Out Gear
the Cabela’s Multi-Tool multi-tool is handy affordable and
compact you can do quick fixes and
repairs with this stainless steel Cabela’s Multi-Tool
it has attached tool flat nose pliers
wire stripper knife phillips and
flathead screwdrivers saw bottle opener
and scissors Cabela’s Multi-Tool
comes with a handy sheath which has a
strap for hooking to your belt Cabela’s Multi-Tool closes up
to 3 inches it’s very handy and only six
my family is going to receive two
flashlights from Shining Buddy one is an
LED tactical flashlight and one is an
LED headlamp both of these are
high-quality well made and versatile the
Shining Buddy headlamp has four settings of high low
red and flashing red press the button at
the top and Shining Buddy headlamp easily changes it comes
complete with three double a batteries
Shining Buddy headlamp is ultra light easy to adjust and
comfortable to wear
I use these Shining Buddy headlamps on a six week safari last
summer to Africa and the batteries
lasted the entire time
Shining Buddy headlamp is well-made hands-free affordable and
long-lasting Shining Buddy is a fabulous headlamp
the LED tactical flashlight by Shining Buddy
is a 5-mode military flashlight
it’s portable and it’s zoomable its
water resistant and I like the
adjustable focus Shining Buddy tactical flashlight comes complete with
three triple AAA batteries already
installed Shining Buddy tactical flashlight is great for outdoor
activity and it has the light for every
situation Shining Buddy tactical headlamp
has high medium low strobe and SOS light settings press
the button at the base to easily change
the setting you choose because it’s a
military-style tactical flashlight its
high quality and practically
great for a bargain price flashlight
Tenacious Tape repair patches by Gear Aid
are great each package contains four
patches 2 black 2 clear you can use
Tenacious Tape for technical fabrics canvas nylon
mesh rubber vinyl and plastic they have
a maximum strength adhesive and Tenacious Tape is
washable and long-lasting to apply Tenacious Tape
clean your damaged area with alcohol
peel off the backing rub Tenacious Tape on you can
use the Gear Aid Tenacious Tape to stay prepared
patches for all kinds of clothing and
outdoor gear
why would you want a Sillcock Key it
allows you to access water at commercial
buildings many commercial buildings have
recessed outlets and the only way to get
water in an emergency is with one of
these Sillcock Key tools every Bug Out Bag every
emergency kit should have a Sillcock Key if you
are stranded somewhere in your car and
it’s in the middle of the night you’ll
be glad to be able to get water with a Sillcock Key
3M wrap and repair silicone tape
stretches and conforms easily to any
surface you can repair hoses electrical
items plumbing to repair 3M Silicone Repair Tape creates a
water and air tight seal 3M Silicone Repair Tape adhesive free
bonds permanently 3M Silicone Repair Tape comes in a roll
that’s one inch by 2 yards long
you can never have too much duct tape
Duct Tape comes in all kinds of widths and lengths
colors Duct Tape is useful for fixing just about
anything first aid and you can do many
many things creatively with Duct Tape
atwood paracord is the original 550
type3 paracord made-in-the-usa all
Atwood paracord consists of the seven
strand cord made with three separate
strands Paracord is tough
paracord is great for camping hiking
survival and other uses whatever you
want to tie down or repair you can do it
with paracord make sure you get a
100-foot bundle and get the color Paracord that
you want Strike Anywhere Matches
which are real gift Strike Anywhere Matches
matches can light when drawn across all
types of surfaces safety matches will
not light on other surfacess matches need
sulfur and phosphorus to light strike on
the Box matches have sulfur on the match
and phosphorus on the strike strip
Strike Anywhere Matches have sulfur on
the match and phosphorus on the tip
Strike Anywhere Matches are essential
for your Bug Out Bag and emergency gear a poncho can be a
Preppers best friend poncho can keep you
dry in the rain you can use poncho to
cover your gear you can use a Poncho to make
an emergency shelter hang a Poncho up to dry
you can fold them up and put them back
in their little ziploc bag
strike a fire fire starter striker that strikes like a match strike a fire
burn for 12 minutes strike a fire lights quickly
and easily
there’s eight in a box nice strike a fire are big
size you can use strike a fire to light your
charcoal grill indoors outdoors in your
fireplace your campfire light the strike a fire
strike a fire fire starter by striking the
surface on the Box strike a fire is a
wonderful product for just a few dollars
strike a fire can help you when you want to have
an easy way to light your fires it’s the
holiday season we enjoy giving gifts to
those that we love give them tools they
need to survive we never know what
disaster crisis or threat can come our
help the ones you love be okay no matter
what comes their way with
sensible inexpensive gifts
learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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Credit Card Knife By John Kubasek How Can One Buy

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  1. I only use dryer lint and vaseline….. I haven't found anything better yet… light you need 2 items…….lint/vaseline piece and spark maker ( ferro rod ?)