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  1. I do not remember having these. What we had were IR lightsticks they required NVG to view them.

  2. You can buy these as well as a whole mess of other chemlights. The brand is Cyalume and they are by far the best. the 1.5 in chemlights are great for trail marking. All the way up to the 15" impact sticks. I have a large amount of there chem lights. HI intensity white 6" (I think they are 30 min duration) and the 10" yellow are excellent. Great for everything from camping. To my personal favorite. My "OH SHIT" BAG

    They are not cheap but you get what you pay for.

  3. One aspect of these glow sticks that I didn’t see mentioned is…
    The are 100% water proof so you can use them underwater…!
    We’ve used them when diving and we wanted more light.
    Hope this helps someone.

  4. Lol these are actually incredibly easy to find and you can order them just as easily as any other Cyalume stick. $10 per stick. They also make these in the ultra intensity 5 minute orange. Also the cardboard tube is used as the handle to spin it with, you don't hold the cord.

  5. 2:20 Lightsticks are stored in the wrapper to stop the UV light in sunlight from breaking down the Ammonia activator in the glass tube inside, otherwise it breaks down into water and chloride salts (salt water) and no longer works, and you get a failed lightstick..

  6. These lightsticks have around a 5 year shelf life and are often still fully functional for up to 2 years past that date