10 thoughts to Credit Card Knife How Can I Order At 14:42

  1. Nice unboxing video. It seems to be a common comment from reviewers that they are stiff to deploy.

  2. no i didnt actually, probably should have. if it was one of my more expensive knives i would have sent it in for repair. i've had bad experiences with our customs so i try it avoid sending knives out the country unless i have to.

  3. i didnt know that, i just assumed it was going to be like spyderco, i had to send my manix 2 back to america. i might contact gerber and find out where i need to send it.

  4. I know it’s being marketed as “ Tactical “ but the design is in fact a rescue tool for climbing & caving for cutting rope,webbing it’s kinda funny to say hair getting tangled in a descender all though yes you can put you finger in the it was actually intended for a carabiner also the pillar construction is so you can run it under water to flush out dirt repelling in caves can get quite messy / look up climbing knives there’s a few good ones out there