11 thoughts to Credit Card Knife How Can One Shop At 18:43

  1. I think financial collapse is a certainty, and we have between 2-5 years. Just a matter how we react to it, and if we can prevent it.

  2. Great idea! Sometimes you can score the powertool battery packs at thrift shops. After seeing a similar video i bought started buying them once in a while if they don't look to old. I find often the older ones aren't as powerful, but they work in a pinch.

  3. I believe it is already happening, in the beginning stages. I don't think we're going to have one defining EVENT, rather I think things are just going to continue to get a lil worse every season. So when is it going to happen? It already is. Just my viewpoint.

  4. future vid sneak peak… but in a sense your very very right. Our national debt has surpassed the amount of money that exists. The gap between the two numbers is growing FAST. Soon our debt will be bigger than all of the world's currencies put together… only one end result and that is collapse.

  5. there was a 1980's tv show about an economic collapse, and the protagonist found these glasses that held the truth to everything, does anyone know what the show was called?

  6. Where have you been? I check for more of your videos like twice a day only to find no new videos.

  7. I'm closing on my new house this week and have been packing and getting ready. I'm doing a few new gear reviews tomorrow as i picked up a few toys at the gun show this weekend.