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hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper what are the most important items for female Preppers well
the most important item I think for preppers is information you need to know how to do
the things that you need what do preppers need to know you need to
learn how to build a fire how to purify
water how to pitch a tent how to repair
things and most importantly how to
depend on yourself lots of society thinks of women as being
pampered and not having the skills that
would be required to take care of
everything that you need it’s simply not
true that women can’t do the things that
they need to but when it comes to
prepping there is a skill set that we
need to pay attention to male or female
it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had the
opportunity to build a fire you don’t
know how to do it so we have to learn
the skills for the things that we want
to be able to do throughout our lives if
you’ve never built a fire this is a
great time to learn about it take some
time to learn what are the easiest fire
starters how do you stack a fire wood so that
it lights easily what would you do if
the weather was bad it was cold windy
wet or snowy how can you make sure you
can still light a fire these are things
everyone needs to know and they can
learn we just need to be aware of the important prepper prepping skills
things that we need to know these are emergency survival skills we can all learn and practice
doing so we then are all capable of doing it learning to purify water is as simple as
finding a water purification system a
pump something like a life straw that
will purify the water that you need find
the kind of water purification filter that means the most to you do works in your situation in life
you want to be able to purify water in
your home do you want to be able to
purify water from a stream there are
many different types and styles of water
filters find one that’s the most simple
for you to use that you understand how
to use it and it works with the way that
you live and any emergencies that you
foresee that you would have to deal with
encounter emergency shelter in times of
need can be as simple as a tent maybe
you want a simple camping tent to store
with your emergency gear survival Bug Out Bag figure out one tent or shelter
that is in your price range that seems
like it would fit your family and your
needs and practice setting it up whether
it’s in your home your yard so that you
know how to use it if you needed to it
could be a Life Tent by Go Time Gear Life Tent is an emergency
tent that’s like a tube tent works great for emergencies shelter
whatever kind of tent you choose if it’s
something as simple as a Life Tent by Go Time Gear all
the way up to a backpacking tent
make sure you understand how to set it
up and you’re able to do it with ease so
that you won’t have a problem in an
emergency situation
learn to repair things it can be as
simple as an eyeglass repair kit a
sewing kit a set of screwdrivers basic
tools make sure you have a set of basic
tools you’re familiar with how to use
them and you have staples nails screws
the things that would go with the tools that
would make them useful then build a
stockpile of food emergency long term food storage prepper pantry choose and stockpile foods that your
family is familiar with shelf-stable
foods that are easy to open and eat
stockpile simple foods canned foods
packaged foods the foods that you can
tear open and eat get some can openers
have a camp stove or a way to heat up
the food should you lose power in your
home when you’re storing food think of
it in meals what can I make for
breakfast what can I make for lunch what
can I make for dinner it can be simple meals as granola bars crackers and peanut
butter cans of chili there are all kinds
of different combinations of stored foods
meals things you
can put together to make meals from your
stored food make sure that you have a
variety from meats to fruits vegetables
crackers and then make sure that you pay
attention to the date on those foods and that you’re rotating your stored foods so
that they don’t expire some foods will
last past the expiration date be safe to eat still taste fine but we
don’t want to rely on foods lasting past their sell by best by dates we want to rely on having the foods that
we need in times of need
learn to use basic foods so that you can
make simple meals to keep your family
fed and going even if it turns into a
day-after-day situation and emergency doesn’t have to be a catastrophe it could be as
simple as a power outage winter storm
you’ve lost your job you’ve run out of
money before you’ve run out of month it
can be a great comfort to turn to your
pantry and be able to continue to feed
your family no matter what the
circumstances make sure you have some
sturdy practical clothes as part of your
wardrobe but then also make sure that
you have sturdy clothes with you if there’s an
emergency while you’re at work you can
put on your tennis shoes and run away
you can’t escape from things if you only
have high heels have sturdy clothes a part of your
wardrobe keep them in your car and make
sure you have a change of clothes in
your Bug Out Bag knowledge is key the
more you know the safer you’ll be
the more you’ll be able to deal with
what comes because you can be creative
look at the things you have you’ve
learned you have stockpiled you’ll know how to
cope and use those things to make what
you need to keep you safe keep your life
together one of the most important prepping items
whether you’re a female or a male is
information so continue to read learn
new things practice the skills you know
pay attention to your surroundings so
that you know what’s coming your way
learn more at please
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  1. Absolutely agree! I was born and raised on a farm so shooting motorbikes evening engineering welding I can do. I thank my parents for giving me such a great life to learn.. helps me teach my husband also x and also for females I would recommend moon cups for periods clean and safe…