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  1. 3 years later and over half a million views! Thanks to everyone who has made this video and this channel a success. Being 3 years old this video is completely out of date now as this box doesn't technically exist anymore… so if you arriving here as a result of the power YouTube algorithms have over you, I encourage you to watch a more recent review of the Survival Boxes Gear Only XL box I have done. We have all come a long way in 3 years!!!! And don't forget to use the Buy Code DYANMICPREPPER to get 10% your 1st months box.

  2. My grandfather has that same bag. Actually two of them, EDC/get home bag and one for bugout. I personally like the smaller sized bugout bags cuz in a situation were you gotta move quickly you don't wanna be lugging around a 30-40lbs and trying to run. My husband and I have differentiating opinions on that though.

  3. You gotta cut your videos man if your gonna do that much talking. I understand you wanna explain everything but if we're watchng your videos, we know what everything is. Just use it real quick and get to another item. But all and all your doing good