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  1. I have a very similar kit bar the firearm I call it my EDC bag and that's exactly what it is but I use a black Rush 12 and carry a sham agh and a light rain jacket too πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  2. Let’s set the way back machine to Sept 11, 2001
    You are on a plane going cross country.
    Every plane is order to land AT ONCE OR BE SHOT DOWN
    Your plane lands at other than your destination
    By the time you get to the car rental counter EVERY CAR IS RENTED

    What the hell good is a travel bag? This real,y happened to several of my coworkers. It was DAYS before they could get out of town, till then they were in the hotel room with room service burger joints, etc

    I do like this guy but you need to be reasonable.

  3. One thing I've seen people do to avoid theft is put a cable lock around the straps and lock it to something in the truck. Yes it can be easily cut but a criminal isn't going to stick around with the alarm going off and figure it out.

  4. Plz guide.i have same bage bt i am confuse what i put in bcoz there r lots of gears nd i feel every things importent.so therefore all items cant put in.i hope u may understood what i want to express.

  5. It's very good to have all this useful tools , but one thing i learnt in the French army years ago , and that is hugely important in a survival situation , is to make sure your "Blood Group" ( A+, O + , B -….) , is being shown and evident at all time , either on your jacket or backpack , so if it happen something and for instance , you're falling unconscious / loosing blood , and someone is finding you… this basically could save your life .