13 thoughts to Credit Card Knife Spyderco Value How Can We Purchase At 10:50

  1. This something i would not spend money on, or buy as a gift.Cheers, Thanks for the video.

  2. I got one and if you remove the paracord and add some ductile it increases use and keeps it from slipping

  3. This is why I subbed and love this channel! You always comment back on comments and it feels really fun and happy in this section of YouTube!

  4. Say Heah Brian, A great tool on paper, But C'mon Brian, We know weight is our friend when we chop. I won't go smaller then my Estwing Sportsman, But I will buy a short handle hatchet for carving and forming when I work wood. But what are you going to do with all those toys.

  5. There is a cheaper version of this at one of my local stores (Marked down at least $10.00) and while I know it's a medium to low grade stainless and not a heavy duty tool, it interests me, but I don't see the point except as a sort of trainer for those who want to use axes.
    Might even be useful as a defensive tool or as a thrower.

  6. It looks like it would be good for skining but id personaly get the fiskars hatchet or the BG hatchet

  7. One of those tools that doesn't know what it wants to be a hatchet? No a knife? Kinda, very cool knife

  8. I owned a Farsen blade and agree with Dave Canterbury’s review. I wanted to like it, but prefer an ulu. Your demonstration of the Farson hatchet was good; although again it seems like a tool in search of a purpose.

  9. ** Count how many times you say "kind of" and/or "sort of". Notice how it makes no sense to "kind of" and/or "sort of" these things! Either you do it or you don’t. Either it is or it isn’t. ***