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  1. I bought one of those Brunton Echo Monoculars a few months ago and I love it. I used to keep binoculars in my pack, but they'd end up in the bottom of my pack and it was always a pain to dig them out, so most times I wouldn't bother. After several trips without even pulling them out of my bag I would take them out to save weight. Then when I didn't have them with me, there would be something I really needed them to see. So when I'd get home I'd put them back in my bag and the cycle would start again. The Brunton is small enough I can keep it in the top of my pack so I don't have to dig around for it and light enough I'm not tempted to leave it at home.

  2. Nice, sensible day hike pack. I've seen a few of your vids and haven't been able to glean where you're at but I live in Montana; where I am bear spray is absolutely essential especially at this time of year. Better yet, bear spray and a reasonably potent firearm.

  3. Good set of items and tips definitely light enough for a day pack. Thx for sharing.

  4. That's a nice pack with plenty of goodies. I go extra minimal and only take along stuff I've actually used in 71 years on the trail. These cover SWFF (Shelter, Water, Fire and Food). So I have a contractors large plastic bag (Shelter), a couple ziplock freezer bags and a few Potable Aqua purification tabs (Water), a Bic-type lighter and ferro rod (Fire), and some Kind bars (Food). A knife and small flashlight are always in my pocket, and a PLB. That's all I need besides the clothes on my person. All weighs about a pound.