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  1. Brian, I have had my laces for 4 months and found the striker cuts the boots and lace over time. So I placed the striker under the insole of my boots.

  2. i like the idea……but my question is if that striker plate has a decently sharp edge on it, im curious as to how its gonna treat your boots afters some good hiking

  3. Shoelaces can be used more than once (unlike a paracord bracelet) and be invisible and be on you everyday.

  4. Hey Brian I have them they came in a box of goodies from a friend for my trip this year. took me a min to realise what they were and hothouse the striker on the sides there one sharp.edge and other is rounded. easiest way is survival frog log is facing you with blade up. the blAde good enough to cut wood for slivers and scrape bark and tinder. I'm pleAsed by them.

  5. keep up all the great videos . I wonder what video we will have in common next lol.