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  1. I have heard that a lot with eo-tech's, the red dot it's self get's fuzzy, now a lot of people give me crap but I have the knock off eo-tech and I have never noticed a problem with the red dot getting fuzzy at all. And it was about $600 dollar's less so ill take the knock off, save money and have a sight that get's difficult to use affectively coming from another military member.

  2. Nice setup on the M+P sweet looking rifle what kind of paint did you use for the bad lever I have one and want to paint it FDE good review of the rifle

  3. I will be posting mine soon got Foliage to vids and pics do not justice for the color!! Great vid Boss!

  4. I'm gettin my 1st AR in 3 weeks, goin with a S&W AR15-22 and already ordered the $120 magpul M.O.E. in the foliage green also. The butt stock, grip, & rail covers all for $120 on Delta Tactical!! I love this color. Was gonna do tan but I live in Alabama lol plus my Remmy 870 is already tan

  5. how did the assault weapon fall down the stairs? that troy sight is good to go though, no need to replace except the front. if you put some grease on the extender it will pull smoother but then you have to worry about it attracting dirt…if you clean your weapon thoroughly it shouldn't matter.