7 thoughts to Credit Card Knife Video Where Can We Purchase At 10:42

  1. I'm with most of the other commenters on here, I appreciate the video but for a 24-36 hour deal its overkill. I think that most people are within a days walk from home when they are at work. A situation like this guys is set up for would be for someone who travels out of town a few days every week. In that case I could see some of the overboard stuff he has in here. A guy that travels alot during the week could use a more advanced get home bag like this, thrown in the trunk. Several dehydrated survival foods, a gun of some type is very advisable, extra water etc. along with alot of the things in this video.

  2. Dude this seems pretty gimmicky. Why so many “self defense” impact devices? Just shoot or stab them like a man. Or just learn some Muay Thai if you want to go non lethal.
    Half that stuff is like from the purse of a college girl.

  3. Just go the shop for food and stay in a hotel or motel for the night! All you need is your credit card and toothbrush maybe cash! Now if there was a life changing disaster like a meteorite or total breakdown of infrastructure and full on your on your own and nothing is working ever again then you need an urban survival kit like this! If your hunting in alaska or whatever or on a long drive through serious wilderness then you need to be prepared big time but not for Boston marathon or the like! Each to their own but there's way too many people earning money from these rediculous repetitive nonsense videos nowadays!.

  4. It is a nice bit of kit but I would Also add a small 1 liter roll up canteen ( dollar store purchase ) along with a homemade water filter ( made from pill bottles and gotten with activated charcoal for fish tanks ) they work great and weigh next to nothing and will filter close to 1,000 gallons also a pet cock key for extra water source .

  5. I would get arrested with all thise knifes on me, also can not light fires in New Zealand so have to use cooking canisters.

  6. EDC and bug out bags equal biggest shopping channel ever. Cosmetics for straight guys who are over compensating.
    Lipstick. Concealer. Tampons. Chocolate.