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Are you questioning if the tactical pen is
a good tool for self-defense?
Well, I’m here to give you a few good reasons
why the answer is yes.
I will also show you the exact model of pen
that I use and provide to my students who
attend my seminars.
I personally tried out dozens of tactical
pens to provide my clientele with the best
quality pen with the best possible features
that I could find.
Through my research, the SWAT Tactical Pen
by Atomic Bear came out on top.
When it comes to self-defense quality must
not be compromised.
This concept is paramount.
My name is Chris Newton.
I am a self-defense and fitness instructor.
I spent the last 28 years training in applied
martial arts and fitness.
I’ve traveled to provide seminars and workshops
to empower civilians, first responders, and
tactical operators with proven techniques
of self-defense.
Self-defense is a slight misnomer, for we’re
not only training to defend ourselves but
we’re also training to defend the lives of
others and the ones we love.
I wanted to educate the community on self-defense
and how to use force multipliers in order
to not be a victim.
The Atomic Bear team now has asked me to share
with you the reasons I’ve chosen the Atomic
Bear SWAT Tactical Pen as a portion of my
EDC, that’s everyday carry, as well as why
I furnish it to my clients and students.
In some of my workshops, my main goal is to
take people without much self-defense experience
and teach them enough within a few sessions
to adequately plant that seed of awareness,
environmental awareness, physical awareness,
and the physical demands and mental demands
of a violent encounter.
Within the force multiplier workshop, which
is basically teaching the utilization of some
sort of handheld implement to create maximum
damage from one strike, and then obviously
into multiple strikes, and that will help
assist to neutralize the attacker.
To give you an idea of my approach, I’m a
Krav Maga instructor, as well as a black belt.
I’m also versed in the Filipino arts of Kali
Eskrima and Arnis.
The development of my curriculum is basically
giving you the best possible principles for
counter offensives.
Why is the tactical pen such a great self-defense
Number one, the pen is safe for the user.
It’s discreet and easy to carry anywhere.
Because it’s a writing tool, it becomes very
stealth and unassuming.
The training needs for carrying this pen is
a lot less demanding than those needs of carrying
a firearm or a blade.
Today’s day and age, people are busy.
They don’t have the opportunity to train,
the training time diminishes.
By carrying a tactical pen, you’re always
at the ready.
Hours of weekly training is not necessary.
Number two, the business end of this pen is
very sharp and hard.
It’s made of tungsten carbide, which is also
used in manufacturing armor and piercing bullets,
so hard that we use it as a glass breaker.
This could be a lifesaving tool if you were
ever trapped in a vehicle, submerged or possibly
on fire, or you need to get somebody out of
a vehicle by breaking the glass.
Because the pen is the light and made of aluminum
alloy used in airplane aluminum, we can apply
tremendous velocity and power into a strike
and the tip that penetrates easily into soft
The circumference of this pen creates an entry
wound of approximately the size of 45-caliber
Number three, the pen is solid, nothing flimsy
about it.
You have to respect this tool, that this pen
is thick and sturdy and it fits in the hand
It’s made to last.
You don’t have to worry about the pen breaking,
even if you hit bone.
As well, the clip is robust, not too tight,
not too loose.
It’s important when drawing the weapon.
This is an extremely important feature of
a pen.
It must draw nice and smooth, for when a violent
encounter occurs, the adrenaline flows through
the body, we need that fool-proof deployment.
Four, it’s a good writing pen.
This is no slouch on the paper, nothing worse
than a poor scribing utensil.
This pen writes smooth, as well, the transition
mechanism is excellent.
Many pens have switches, buttons and unscrewing
that you have to go through.
This pen is just cap on, cap off, pop on,
pop off.
The transition is beautiful.
It has a nice little click to it, good confirmation.
No wiggling, no wobbling, no need to worry
about anything coming loose in the time of
This pen is solid, strong and effective.
Number five, the price is right.
You can pick one of these up for about $15.
At this price, you may want to consider buying
a few more.
One for your car, another for your bag of
purse, another for home, another for your
EDC, to have it with you at all times.
The ink refills are really affordable and
easy to find as well.
The pen of this caliber could cost upwards
of $80 elsewhere.
If you’re in the market for a pen, I hope
this video has shed some light on your decision.
If you’re wondering if the pen is actually
a good self-defense tool and not just a gimmick,
once again, I hope this video shed some light
on your opinion.
Again, my name is Chris Newton, thanks for
Keep learning, keep training, stay safe.
Thank you.

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