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  1. Awesome video thank you so much, headed to the field Sunday and I just got here so super helpful to get this done so quickly!

  2. deploying tomorrow and my UDM put mine together upside down. thanks for the walkthrough.

  3. You just save me a whole lot of time putting this damn molle back together before my inspection! Thank you!

  4. I looked at a few other assembly videos and stopped at a minute in because they didn't explain and just "did". This helped so much! Thanks for taking the time.

  5. Mostly old ALICE medium pack is the best. MOLLE doesn't work colder weather. I am some update my one changed ITW buckle, some MOLLE gears. 👍

  6. Big thanks to you and your BUDDY 😀 this video helped me out SO MUCH! Thank you! So many other videos rush though it all and have lousy camera angles and their hands all in the way. This video was great!

  7. Ok I did all of what you showed us,my question is, how to assemble the sleep carry system ? I've got the same rucksack 😎👍👂👂👀