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  1. Nice review, I've watched a couple reviews on this flashlight. I'm sold, definitely picking up one of these flashlights for EDC.

  2. Ge20/07-26-Flyer-,36:new(,my S,Bible(KJV

    G U I D E

    ‘social distancing(apropos for these times

    Real asset(s)’<^<work+charity+downsize!
    ‘anti-inflationary,hold value,intrinsic value


    “heal sick&disease.curse
    ‘deliverance from..curses
    ^Good Steward of wealth
    “‘hearing+doing the word


    Found a teacher on YouTube…

    YT Curator
    (“how lead one to be born again”)

    He is a great teacher with great knowledge,
    understanding and wisdom from the Bible!!


    Good News of the Gospel

    Can have reconciliation with God,
    forgiveness of sins (if repent) and healing

    1. Why You Must be Born Again?

    In John(3:7), Jesus says, “Ye must be born again.”
    If not, we are judged as ((( Satan ))) is judged and
    spiritually separated from God^^. After being born
    again; ( with <Jesus Christ’s spirit> indwelling ), you
    now have a right spirit with God and a relationship
    with Him (Eze36:26(,27.

    ~Born Again Born Again
    Spiritual Satan God

    Indwelling <a spirit of death> <Jesus’ spirit>
    spirit under dominion
    of Satan

    Kingdom in the kingdom In the Kingdom
    of Satan of Christ

    Have In Christ for
    Authority Deliverance
    and Healing

    Afterlife ^^hell&^lake^ see 2.

    (YouTube, how lead one to be born again)

    -next page

    2. How to Enter Heaven+/New Jerusalem

    If Born Again, one still must be worthy of salvation.
    One abides in the Word by being a hearer and doer
    of the Word; not abiding in the Word is a Sin. Acting
    upon the Word, creates spiritual understanding;
    the <Holy Spirit> gives understanding of the Word.
    Obedience to the Word produces righteousness.
    By doing righteousness, one_is #Righteous. Only
    the righteous will enter Heaven+/New Jerusalem.

    ~Righteous Righteous

    Born Again’ hell&^lake^ Heaven+/“

    3. (Near-term) Significant Date**

    Year of Start Thousand Year Rev
    2030** Millennial Reign of ( CHRIST ) 20:4,6
    Age from Heaven and
    ( Earth )

    ( 30 AD* + 2000 ) = 2030** (end of Church Age

    7 days of (Genesis 7000 (2Peter 3:8
    4000 + 2000 (Church + 1000 (Millennial Age
    *Pentecost(New Age/Covenant(start of Church Age

    “New Jerusalem
    everlasting ^lake^ of fire


    Poverty is A Curse (Causes

    Word transgress/sin* Causes
    work, if able(2Thes3:10^ ~2Thes3:10 G)
    give to the poor(Prov28:27 ~Prov28:27 G)
    thou shalt not steal(Rom13:9 ~Rom13:9 V)G)

    ^don’t give handouts, if able to work
    walking in transgression is *(Personal sin)
    *(Personal sin) causes G) and/or V)

    3 General Ways Curses Come
    V)ictimization (others’ sin inflation’ (~Rom13:9
    G)enerational Curses fore fathers’ sin (Lam5:7
    Personal sin”

    ‘steals (devalues USD
    “causes a Curse

    A Curse..

    is destructive, not a benefit(Deut28:45, curses from disobedience!
    always has a cause(Prov26:2, a curse w/o a cause shall not come
    is enforced by power of evil spirits(Amos2:9, a root is an evil spirit
    comes through because of the open door of sin(Eccl10:8,Eph4:27
    can’t be solved in the natural’, but rather only in the spiritual realm’