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  1. in true survival a flash drive would come in handy to keep your personal medical records on, but a printed copy would be better and give your rescuers the information faster if you could not talk. The case is good idea for water proving, but loose the flash drive and add a bit of heavy duty aluminum foil that will allow you to make spinners for your fishing kit, boil water and other uses, by the way add a small float for your fishing kit. Duct tape wound around the mini bic is a plus if you do that also pre thread the needles to make it easier to use and less chance of loosing them. Some other items I would add are some q-tips, fatwood, trick birthday candle

  2. Ah yes a water proof usb just in case I have my laptop with me in the woods and I want to watch porn and jack off.

  3. Good kit although I would just add an extra fire rod , I got one once and the third day later it just snapped so they do run out fast

  4. Why have a mini usb for a survival kit that sits in your tackle box? Same with pen. You more likely need a ePirb or satellite texting device. Maybe even a mini flare to light an emergency fire because if you dunk way out on river, you’re screwed due to hypothermia.