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  1. What I actually used in various roadside problems:
    shovel, gps, cell phone, head lamp, audio book, work gloves, CB radio, sleeping bag, poncho, buck saw, axe, come along, cat liter for traction, candy bars, bag of peanuts, thermos of coffee, electrical tape, heavy gauge wire.

    What I could have used but did not have then:
    road flares, safety vest, emergency flasher, hand warmer, ear plugs, safety glasses

  2. Hey Tim. Kudos! Great video. Certainly something to think about. As a doctor, I'm always torn between building an extensive first aid/trauma kit for everybody around me versus a personal survival kit for myself. Maybe you have some ideas for this predicament, or maybe you know of somebody with a similar problem and their solution.

  3. Since I drive a mini van I haven't put any thought into a kit to keep in there…reason being is what if someone decides to look into my 2000 Odyssey (unlikely I know) and thinks "hey they left their bag in there. I bet it's worth stealing" and bam vehicle broke into and stuff stolen. See I live in LA County, now where I live isn't a bad suburb, but lately I have been seeing the type of people you'd find in lower income areas (not just the ghetto). At least where I work anyway…in my neighborhood it's not an issue although lately people from the inner city have been casing up here. 2 years ago that NEVER happened. Anyway great video! These are already things I think about, although I am now thinking about helping others.