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  1. This was a great video… if only we could have seen the lights! Lol, that focusing needs some work but really it was an awesome video I just got the new SL Microstream usb 250lumen and it kicks ass! The only complaint I can find is the click not going to high but haven't had that problem, it takes a second to find the timing but once you know it it works just about every time I intend it to. For mine it goes bump click in the same timing as you would say that and it goes straight away like I said almost all the time. I have a feeling the tail click button out of the box is intentionally extra heavy on the depress for longevitys sake, it'll stay secure in the long run. It is extremely nicely built and finished and makes me want more from streamlight! I got into the flashlights recently after my bushnell TRKR 250? died, I had that for about 3 years of VERY hard use before the wires broke away from their contacts inside from work buddy idiots twisting the head instead of the tail. That was a great light and the extra colors were really cool and actually found yes in lots of occasions. I replaced it with a new Walmart special bushnell pro 800 rechargable, which I cant find almost any reviews on but it is GREAT for 46 bucks!! I did a quick review on my channel if anyone wants a better look but its Usb recharge, 2600mah battery, super bright and clean white new cree 800lumens and a huge jump to low at 85 lumens which is perfect. And then strobe which as a defence carry light it is aggressive bezeled and super grippy without looking silly. That is a severely underrated flashlight, I think they (TRKR/Pros) all are because the build is top shelf and they just keep getting better and better with the best cree emitters and tech. I sound like a salesman but seriously I hope others try them they give the name brands a run for their money and a huge value. But anyway, long story short it is a little bit of a bigger carry light and I wanted to have a backup quick light as well after seeing videos on flashlights I've become addicted. It's a slippery slope, lol, brands, size, batteries, lumens, use, it's all so unique it's like knives or any other thing, just so cool to see and experience the differences. Not to mention they are such useful and necessary tools you then have a built in excuse to get them! It's a dangerous mix lol. Thanks again!

  2. I prefer that it doesn't have the key ring on the tail and if it doesn't come with a battery which may either be crap or affect the price point.