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  1. I'm considering a jusmuk or a tops Bob and I know you have reviewed them better witch would you suggest

  2. I like the bandana:) it has the north star and big dipper on it:) Alaska's flag:) a lot of people don't know here in Alaska you have to go 30 degrees off of true north on compass due to how close we are in fairbanks to the top of the world. thanks again Bryan:)

  3. Great instruction…great gear and double value … seems like a winner !…. PAPA DUKES

  4. Nice one. Do you have reviews soon on the most recent portable solar power that will be coming out?

  5. Don't forget to have your stripped cat vaccinated. Rabies can be a problem. Well maybe not with that one. ?8^)

  6. I really like how you do the reviews of the Battle Box. You take the time to research the prices. I like that. Great video.

  7. Brian you know me man i love that knife….all the rest is cool too, may have to check in on them sometime…take care my friend…if ya need us holler…god bless

  8. Hey Brian, I ordered and received my Star Gazer Bandana from Colter Co.and had it shipped all the way to the Philippines. Problem is East and West is opposite. I overlayed my Sunto and smart phone compass and yep their opposite. I just notified Colter by email and attached a photo with my Sunto overly showing their opposite. Might check yours or anyone reading this. I might have just got a bad run and it's just me and a few people.