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  1. Some measurements of this light show [email protected] supply or 63W to the 18leds at high setting. 1a on middle and 0.5a on low. Not 22,000L for sure but bright. The BIG issue with this particular light is the quiescent current draw when its off. Its in the range of 0.010mA to 0.015mA, meaning your batteries will be depleted in 2 to 3 weeks with out lighting it once! Ridiculous! Driver is connected to the on/off switch with a ribbon cable. A 7805 regulator is directly across the 5 batteries. So there is 5mA right there. Other draw is from up for on/off and mode switching. A dumb ass design.

  2. It seems like the batteries are finicky do thay come with batteries how do thay work

  3. I have a 15,000 lumen on order but what I am guessing is the Chinese are adding a nought .It's a Chinese thing they do it with every thing .I just hope the new rail cars we ordered are not half size.

  4. Whose house did you keep shining the light on ? If it wasn't your own, they should kick your ass.