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  1. not bad, Ive been looking for an edc kinda kit thats not an altoids tin (dont get me wrong they are good kits) and I was looking into small small cases and this gave me a couple ideas. maybe a soft belt cellphone case or something something that will hold credit card size items to take advantage of some of those things. more for urban edc then wilderness. but something to get me from where i am to my get home/bug out bag in the truck. maybe a card knife, an escape card and lock pick set with light and some fire,water, cordage and first aid minimalist stuff.

  2. !!! Important advice about EDC kits !!!

    Rotate in fresh first aid supplies and meds every 3 to 6 months. Bandages harden and become stuck to their wrappers, wipes dry out, and drugs go bad a lot faster ( especially eyedrops ).
    Great video btw.

  3. Like that "square" kit. I have those holders. But so many black items–hard to see if dropped, especially in an emergency. You could lose your water bottle in an emergency situation. The idea of carrying an EDC emergency kit like this in your pocket is in case you don't end up having all you started out with that day for whatever reason. Thanks for taking the time with the video!