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alright guys today we’re gonna be taking
a look at a backpack one design for your
EDC gear and carrying your EDC equipment
and that is the Maxpedition monsoon
gearslinger so if you’re interested
stay tuned to the intro
what’s up my name is Doug the bearded
outdoorsman welcome to another video if
you enjoy beard product reviews and gear
reviews and gear tips then you have come
to the right place today we’re gonna
take a look at a backpack from
Maxpedition now I’ve had this backpack
for a very long time I can’t even
remember how many years I’ve had this
backpack but this is a Maxpedition
monsoon gearslinger now this backpack
is really designed for your EDC gear and
your EDC or everyday carry if you carry
a a weapon as your EDC and this is the
bag for you so we’re gonna break it down
I’m going to show you all the features
I’m gonna show you the things that I
like and things I dislike about it so
let’s get into it so this is the
Maxpedition monsoon a gear slinger this
is a sling style backpack and I think
they have discontinued the green I think
they only make it in khaki or in black
now but this is a truly remarkable bag
so let me go in specs first and then
we’ll break into the bag so the bag
total is 16 liters it weighs 2.7 pounds
and the main material is 1000 denier
water and abrasion resistant material
this is I’ve carried this bag for like I
said for many years it has gone many
places with me so let’s get into it
first off you have a grab handle up here
on top and it’s it’s reinforced and
double reinforced it’s not going
anywhere alright so that you’ve got this
big buckle here and we’ll go down the
front so you’ve got male attachments
here you’ve got three straps and you’ve
got velcro strap in the middle as you
see I’ve just got this patch on here but
you’ve got that velcro for that you’ve
got a d-ring a heavy-duty plastic d-ring
here got the Maxpedition logo and that’s
pretty much it up front
under the buckle you have these
compartments you’ve got just a little
mesh little pocket here you’ve got a
little clip for your keys and you’ve got
a little velcro closure now this pocket
here it goes all the way down and it’s
down here
but the velcro will actually close up
all of those spots so it’ll close up and
kind of keep everything protected now
you have these two straps now there’s
two ways you can do these trap these
straps you can either run them like I
have them under the main flap or you can
take them out of here and run them over
the top and I found that I liked them
under here a little bit better because
they weren’t in the way however if I
wanted to carry like a hoodie or a
lightweight jacket or something then I
can bring those straps to the outside
and I can put that jacket under those
straps there and it worked out really
really well all right so the main
compartment and those just cross over
and go like that and then you have your
main compartment without two zippers and
it’s kind of a teardrop triangle shape
and it opens up very very wide all right
so in here you have you have a pretty
deep pocket here velcro and pretty good
velcro and it goes all the way down to
the bottom you have another mesh pocket
up top and it goes all the way up here
so if you needed to put something larger
I’ve added a bright orange zipper pool
just so I’d be able to see it if the
light if it was a little bit darker and
that’s pretty much it oh you got one
pocket over here on the side and not a
pocket on this side so you do have a
little shallow pocket it goes about five
inches deep and it’s got an elastic top
on it so that’s pretty much your inside
and I will tell you this will hold a lot
of gear and items it is a lot bigger
than it looks when it’s closed up when
it’s closed up it doesn’t look like
it’ll hold a whole lot of gear but I can
promise you
get wheel so let’s do this all closed up
and then we’ll go to the exterior pocket
alright so on this side you have just a
pocket that goes down the side of the
bag and you’ve got some more moly
attachments here you do have a waist
strap you can tuck it in this little
nylon a little mesh pocket here you can
tuck it in there and it doesn’t get in
the way I did not like that I wish it
was removable but it is not removable
other than cutting it off and I didn’t
want to cut it off just in the event
that I didn’t need it but yeah a lot of
padding if you carry this thing and it’s
heavy this padding is super thick it’s
super comfortable and breathable you can
see these these lines here it will vary
it’ll breathe very very well all right
so let’s go to this side you’ve got a
water bottle pocket here that’s pretty
deep and it’s got the drawstring closure
so you can tighten it down around your
water bottle or anything like that so
your sling strap you have Molly
attachments all the way down it I mean
you can attach so much stuff to this
pack it is crazy it does have the water
bladder velcro attachments that if you
wanted to put a water bladder in it you
could and then down here we can see it
you have a pocket on the strap now this
is going to be when you’re carrying it
it’s gonna be on your left kind of hip
and you have a pocket here that has a
snap closure and under that snap closure
you have a zipper pocket that is pretty
deep I mean it’s that whole thing there
and it is padded there’s a padded pocket
then on the other side reverse side of
that what that strap is holding you have
just a regular pocket
here that’s also deep and padded so when
you buckle that snap nothing’s gonna
come out of here and last but not least
you have your concealed weapon pouch
easily accessed from your right with
your right hand coming around behind you
the benefit to a sling backpack is in
the event that you need to access that
weapon quickly you just sling that bag
around you and your weapon is right in
front of you now it does have I normally
just carry this just padded regular
holster that’s what I carry in here but
it does have the velcro right here
Maxpedition does make a holster similar
to this with velcro on it so it will
stay and lock in place in your in your
pack so it’s not fumbling around and
going everywhere I just have not made
that purchase and purchased one if you
don’t want to carry a weapon in this it
works for all sorts of things I have
carried laptops in here I’ve carried
clothes in here going on an overnight
trip not hiking or anything but I have
carried it on overnight trip going
somewhere to a hotel this will hold a
lot of gear 16 liters doesn’t sound like
a whole lot but I can tell you it will
hold a lot of gear it’s super adjustable
if you want to to me this is like
perfect for an EDC bag and carrying
everyday to carry those essentials and
those things that you need on a daily
basis because it fits so much gear and
it works great I love this bag I will
put links in the description below for
the Maxpedition monsoon gear slinger and
like I said I’m pretty sure they’ve
discontinued the green this one is in
the OD green pretty sure they’ve
discontinued the green and all they have
it in
is black and khaki if I were to make a
purchase again I would purchase the
khaki one I just like the khaki it just
looks really well really nice I cannot
remember the price on it I will drop
links in the description you can go
check it out and see those prices I
don’t it’s not cheap
but I can tell you this bag will last a
this it’s a very durable material and it
is built to last so I’ve never had any
problems with any Maxpedition gear and
this doesn’t is not any different than
that one thing I failed to mention it
does have the headphone port here where
you can run headphones out from the
inside pockets if you are interested in
that alright guys so if you’ve got any
questions about this pack that I didn’t
answer in this video make sure to drop
it in the comments and I will do my best
to get the answers for you and yeah make
sure to hit that thumbs up button make
sure you hit that subscribe button and
until next time stay bearded get
outdoors and god bless

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