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  1. I do like the bottle opener. One, for opening bottles cuz I drink micro's without twist offs. Two, it feels good in the palm when using the pliers. Compare the two sides in your palm. The bottle opener side is great and prevents digging in

  2. Someday some knife company will wise up and finally make a mini multitool with the Victorinox combo blade tool like on the Vic Compact SAK. The combo tool is for opening cans AND bottles and would be ideal on a small multitool.

  3. I've only handled the BG compact at the store. It depends on what you're using it for, but I would take this one.

  4. Great little MT. I used it almost every day in the field for 3 months straight. I've had it for about 2 years. Still going strong.

  5. Love my gerber dime. Especially the package opener. Slices through clamshell plastic like butter. I always carry a pocket knife but the little dime saves me from using my main blade for light tasks. The pliers have come in useful in various situations, even the tweezers for splinter removal. People complain about the bottle opener but the tool is so small I don't fine it obstructive at all. It's a handy little mt for light duty work and it excels at it. When I need something more robust I go for my Leatherman Surge. With the additional bit kit it can tackle mostly anything. But it's not something I can carry on me. It's in my get home bag. With pocket carrying an m and p shield, folding pocket knife, wallet, keys, cell phone, s and w tactical pen, sabre OC spray, protac 1L.flasshlight, the dime is just what I need. Thank heaven for 24/7 brand tactical shorts. Plenty of roomy pockets in stylish shorts. Not all baggy and loose like regular cargo shorts.