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today we’ll be testing the cheapest
survival kit on Amazon now remember our
criteria it must have at least 10
ratings b-prime as well as over 10
reviews so man I’m excited so what was
our price point I think we were in the
nine dollar range here can you get a
decent little pocket survival kit for
under $10 and what treasures what
treasures are we going to find here so
let’s start off here well I don’t want
to let all of the cat out of the bag
here how about what’s this looks like we
have an aluminum whistle is there any
other goodies in there anything in there
no you could store your valuables in
there I guess if they were very small
valuables and as a whistle doesn’t work
yes not very loud not exactly the
whistle as I would want if I was lost
alone in the forest but it does work it
is aluminum and you get you get a
keychain another deal – all right so
what else is what you have in here okay
of course you know you couldn’t have a
survival kit without a firesteel a feral
rod right there and looks like they’ve
got a little piece of maybe little
hacksaw blade there for a striker very
small feral rod there but does it work
with C yep yeah that’s not to do doable
thing you had a little piece of dryer
lint or something you could pack in
there you certainly could start a fire
any conditions and while starting a fire
here on my bench alright let’s see what
else do we have here in our cheapest
survival kit well you wouldn’t you just
can’t have a survival kit without it a
compass even we have an oil filled
compass here on a small lanyard let’s
see does it work we know that North is
this direction we turn it will it return
to North little stick
a little slow but given time it does
seem to be an accurate little compass so
the last way I tap them on the lower the
lower end ones you know they kind of
hang up on there but I would say that
that’s that’s a good little compass
there that’s actually functional that
will work what else do we have in here
so I’m going to saw this is a little bit
different than our pocket chainsaw you
know I actually use one of these el
conic one time to kind of bone did not
work very well so we have a we have a
little uh just a very aggressive cable
saw right there with some rings on it
this is cut these are just traditional
looks like key rings there but they’re
they’re a little bit sharp but they’re
not too bad you could actually get your
fingers in there and they do they are
softened the edges so that wouldn’t cut
you too bad of course it’d be better put
a stick in there or something right or
something else so you could get a better
purchase on got fishing fishing swivels
there so let’s try that out see how it
cuts so to test our kind dick survival
saw got a piece of dry very dry grandfer
grandfer being true fur I like a Doug
Fir that’s not really for at all what we
call it that anyway
not sure why all right here we go
now that’s surprising hurts the fingers
but if you had a pair of gloves or you
put two sticks in there that’s actually
an effective little soft what else have
they included here in the cutting its
cunning survival kit don’t forget a
that’s not fall rated I have a suspicion
saving the best for last of course let’s
see what we have here now I know what
this is this is a credit card survival
tool with multi-purpose pocket survival
tool with laminated instructions and a
lot going on in there so we have we have
a we have a can opener let open a can I
run out a special candle or take a
fire-roasted dice green Chili’s hot
let’s see since we’re having Mexican
tonight well it works actually surprises
me that works respec works really good
amazing you know you take these things
for granted but if you ever tried to
open a can and you didn’t have access to
a tool it’s actually it’s really hard I
mean you can smash it open but you can
usually you’ll lose everything inside it
goes in the dirt the ruins your supper
so we have a can opener we got what we
got there a knife edge knife inch is
like you know so you will try it on a
little piece of vinyl hear how sharp is
that knife edge well it’s not sure if at
all I would say that that’s not really a
knife edge more like a scraper edge we
got a screwdriver mini screwdriver on
the edge there kind of for a standard
flat bit ruler we’re going to 1% in the
metric system or is it standard I’m just
going to assume it’s not the metric
system we had 4-position ranch of course
we’ve seen these before probably what so
quarter three eight three sixteenths up
to five sixteenths or so I guess that
could work in a pinch if you need to
tighten something up and butterfly
wrench what does the butterfly wrench
seven which ones seven three four five
six butterfly wrench I don’t even know
what that means what is it butterfly
wrench and then of course we’re
finishing up here with a saw blade
something he’s not going to cut
something I have a little piece of hard
cherry here is I get a even well give it
enough space and time of course you
might be able to get through something
and then we have a direction and ciliary
indicator right there I have no idea
what that would come in useful for I
guess if you couldn’t it’s supposed to
be able where your compass no no I don’t
know that’s very useful and then we have
a two-position ranch here and then of
course a lanyard hole for a keyring so
here this is we could really customize
our kit this will be really nice so we
could take our whistle keyring and we
can thread that on there oops we can
thread that on there and then we have
something you know then we could kind of
personalize it kind of make it our own
so it’s not like everybody else’s
convicts survival kit it’s the thing
about Americans is we love to customize
things and that right there that’s how
we make it our own alright so that
covers that and of course a nice little
vinyl sheath but now doesn’t work so
well we’ll stick with that we’ll be
original alright so the savings saving
the best for last
of course the star of the show what do
you think we have here it’s a tiny
multi-tool with another key ring with a
flashlight does that actually work
look at that
multiplied two of the flashlights I
haven’t seen that before at the tiny
flashlight can you replace the battery
or is this just one of the disposable
look at that you can just stack up your
little hearing aid batteries in there
once kind of nice well that’s a very
unexpected surprise
it even has holes there for cooling how
bright is it not not that to baby better
than no light though isn’t it that’s
actually better than I thought it was
going to be so if we open it up of
course we have a set of other
spring-loaded even spring-loaded pliers
with cutting edge so I go I brought a
little piece of wire here of course you
know one of the most important things
that a good multi-tool could do these
two do is a cut wire
what’s asking it’s asking a lot oh
that’s oh that’s not good that’s very
it’s very disappointing right there
that’s not able to cut even soft liner
hmm I don’t even think the flashlight is
going to redeem this tool now but let’s
go on let’s see what else we have here
we have a host of tools here so we have
kind of a traditional traditional life
right there is it sharp I think the back
is sharper than the front we have a mini
screwdriver actually I do like this this
is handy that’s probably small enough
where you know one thing of course it
happens to me all the time is wearing
glasses as my glasses come loose or the
little screws come loose so can that let
fit in there yeah well so you could
tighten your the screws on your
sunglasses there you want to be snow
blind when you’re lost out in the
wilderness what’s this here oh we have a
cap lifter so we kind of have a
redundant double redundant system here
isn’t wasn’t there no there was not a
capitalist drone there that was a can
opener so we have a cap lifter and we
have a small screwdriver
and then of course we have a survival
not a very good survival saw I fear but
I guess you could knock the scales off
of a small fish with that so it’s not
all Lhasa
I’m a little sad about that that’s going
to definitely left a mark on there
didn’t it and then of course was there
anything else in here was that it’s just
a kind of a one sided tool there I do
like that little flashlight though I
think that’s my favorite part
maybe I’ll drift that pin out of there
and just put that in my pocket all right
so well okay so that everything looks
pretty good less the wire cutting option
and then of course we have the small
Cordura sheath and on the case the case
we have the case the bright red case you
drop that in the end in the ground
you’re going to find that aren’t you no
camouflage case on this one on this one
here all right so everything should fit
neatly back in here and I have to say so
what do I say so what’s what’s my final
thoughts on this the $10.00 the cheapest
survival kit on Amazon I would say that
you shouldn’t stake your life on it you
should not stake your life on this you
know I mean so is there it does it have
any value of course you know these
herbal things are little tongue in cheek
ears they have any value so let’s say I
let’s say I you know happens here in
Oregon every year somebody follows their
GPS and they go get stuck in the snow
somewhere and it’s amazing how
unprepared they are they find themselves
in a tight spot the thing that I could
see that would be of some value to this
would be you know the compass and the
firestarter right there so is that worth
the $10 and you know I don’t think so I
mean you can get you can get nice or
feral rods and yeah I don’t know you
know I guess I guess if you’re really on
a budget and you want to already have a
good survival kit you want something
that you could just kind of put in the
car and to have and to hold
would be nice to have the ability start
a fire but I don’t know
I don’t well you’ll be the judge it is
what it is it’s the ten dollar survival
kit from con geeks the cheapest four
star rated highly peer-reviewed survival
kit on Amazon thanks for watching and
we’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. You couldn't survive 24 hrs in a park with this cheap Chinese sham of a kit!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Storm Whistle
    Can be heard over a running jet engine. I know.
    Suunto A-30 compass.

    Fire Starter from Harbor Freight.
    Gerber MP400 Multi-Tool
    AA LED Mini-Maglite
    Some of these items cost less at other online sellers.
    Do not, do not skimp on things like this.
    Thank you.

  3. For 9$ thatโ€™s pretty good though cause I mean the company that sells it has to make money so if they sell it for 9$ with free shipping that means they gotta have no more then like 5-6$ in it so pretty good in my opinion and if you want to buy better quality then I donโ€™t think a 9$ kit is for you anyways