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  1. tera the canteen top you pointed out is for gas mask attachment to drink while in masked environment. love those space blankets, wish i still had a couple like those…..awesome gifts from uncle.

  2. So cool!! I love those flashlights, used them when I was in the Marines…my son surprised me with one when he got out of the Army. The leather gloves with the wool liners are great! Same canteen I use…the belt is a GREAT plus!!! Those taps are very good item to have! It is so cool he passed these items on to you.

  3. Awesome! That might be the best haul on YouTube. And you might prefer that great patina on the ultra cool lighter but I bet some Brasso could make it shine like a new silver dollar.

  4. You got the hook up on a lot of great gear for sure Tera! But one thing, tools aren't cute! LOL. Have a good'nnnnnn