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  1. Thanks for the idea. I got a different thin pouch online, and screwed a kydex Iwb holster inside it. It's perfect. The pouch looks good. And the holster allows for very secure trigger protection.

  2. I attached this belt pouch to a kydex knife sheath and I use it to store some basic outdoors tools. Holds a ceramic sharpening rod, Swiss Army knife, ferro rod, rubber tinder, 10 feet of paracord, a TN12 flashlight, and an extra battery.

    It’s an excellent little pouch. Durable cordura and good construction.

  3. Great idea and pretty secure so I won't loose it on my motorcycle. Not a big fan of the Sneaky Pete magnetic flap.

  4. This does seem like a very good idea and could be the perfect choice for concealed carry, BUT, because of the many reviews on YouTube, they are becoming more and more recognizable for carrying a firearm. Being recognizable will diminish its usefulness for conceal-ability because people will know, or at least suspect, what is in it. I realize that many people want to share a good idea with fellow 'carriers' but sometimes it's best to keep the specifics to yourself and just suggest generally that they should consider everyday items. Eventually smart carriers will figure it out for themselves and will have a much more useful item as a result.