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Hi, I’m Carrie Lightfoot of The Well Armed Woman, and I am so excited that today
We’re going to be announcing the addition of a whole new product line
And you know being a well armed woman is about so much more than the gun
It’s about being prepared and situationally aware, and I think we all carry
Because we care about people we care about ourselves and our loved ones and other people so what we’re introducing today
And I have my special Guests Glenn Stillson here
I’ll do a little more introduction with him in a minute is we’re introducing a full line of first aid gear because
We always want to be ready
We never know what’s going to happen, so I’m really blessed to have Glenn Stillson here with me today
who is the owner and lead instructor for Independence Training also the co-host on the Arms Room and
a former Army
thank you for your service and
we’re going to have him share with us kind of a little bit about each of the kits because we as you can see we
have four different kits that we’re going to be releasing here and
so Glen tell us a little bit first about you and your team’s maybe some of the medical background that you guys have because
You’re working with us and putting these kids together
Absolutely yeah, so we’ve got a big team of instructors and for us It’s all about our team
You know we don’t just focus anything
We do on just one person’s experience because that’s that’s too narrow so our experience comes from
Battlefield medicine it comes from Civilian fire and EMS comes from search and rescue wilderness first response and emergency room technicians
so we have this great team of people we’ve been doing medical training for almost a decade now and
We’re super happy to to be a part of this program because we really want to see more people
These kinds of tools and more importantly the training to go with these kinds of tools and their life right and there is we’re going
To work on some training videos to get into more depth into each of these kits
but the primary focus today is just to just to announce their release and tell you a little bit about each one and
Again, it’s so important for us to be prepared. You know so many things happen. Just through daily life
Not always at the range that’s correct. So this isn’t just about you know a gaping sucking chest wound it’s about dealing with
perhaps everyday occurrences
Or you know our desire to want to help other people if we see someone struggling her who’s injured
You know at any at any point during the day
For us to be prepared and have the tools and the knowledge and the training is so important
And that’s really what makes a well armed woman
And it makes a well-armed human right?
So Glenn tell us a little bit about , I dont even know where to start, little too big? let’s start little and go big, okay sure okay?
Let’s do that. So on the on the right hand side here
We have the booboo kit. Now the booboo kit is
Kind of a fun thing for us to put together because it is important to keep in mind that not
every wound or injury you have is going to be this traumatic bleeding wound right sometimes you just
Need to cover up a wound to maintain comfort or to you know eliminate infection possibilities
and its got some medications and some creams and some really basic everyday use stuff
But it really doesn’t have to be very big you know most of the time people have these giant giant first aid kits
you just don’t need that for your everyday occurances
So this is just a real basic and as we call it a boo-boo kit. Just for boo-boos so that’s it
Okay, it perfect and what about this one here now
This is the PFAK or the pouch first aid kit
and what it’s designed to do is do stop bleeding and
Start breathing for traumatic injuries and as you said we’re not just talking about gunshot wounds on the range here
We’re also talking about
vehicle accident hiking accidents hunting accidents even day-to-day
Accidents it may happen inside your home whether it’s you know taking a fall off a ladder and cutting yourself whether it’s doing
Lawn work or maybe even in the kitchen or something like that sure now
This kit’s a little bit different because it it allows for kind of an upgrade potential and we’ll talk about that a bit later
But to be able to hold a light source of some kind in this case
We have a glow stick, but it could be a flashlight
and then also a
Larger tourniquet depending on how you’re going to use this kit a kit like this would be great for putting in a range bag
Carrying on a belt while you’re out hiking sitting in a backpack
Putting in a purse or a daily carry bag or something like that and has the loops there for that as well
You know and part of our goal was we wanted the best
highest quality absolutely
Components in this kit and so part of that was this is the tourniquet that we wanted so we designed the pack to be able
To carry it on the side and still keep it kind of small, so this is an awesome kit
And I hope everybody out there gets one and then what’s this one now
This is our ankle kit the the ankle First-Aid kit
And the ankle Kit is specifically designed
To be able to be worn around the ankle now
Even if you’re in a situation where maybe you can’t wear it around your ankle you can still compress this and like the the pouch
First aid kit, or the PFAK you can take this and you can put it in a bag and put in a range bag
Slide it into a vehicle compartment somewhere
But most importantly it’s designed for wearing around the ankle and you’d be surprised how
Comfortable this can be you know I wear one every single day. I’ve been wearing for a long time
They’re incredibly comfortable and it keeps tools very easily accessible to you yeah and again these are very high quality components
But there are a minimum amount of components that you would actually need in a traumatic. So this is kind of this kit in
Ankle form you basically yeah, yeah so it’s almost the exact same components as the PFAK but in an ankle carry capability
Okay, good in the next video
We’re going to be going through each of these and we’ll go through all of the components of them
So that everybody can see this is just kind of our intro video to the whole concept of this new product line definitely
What about this one here?
So this is the IFak and the IFAK is the individual first aid kit is always kind of been
the pinnacle of trauma first aid kits
for the last you know decade or so it is a military term that is kind of where the concept comes from but certainly that’s
Not its only application now the
important thing about the “i”
in IFAK and the important thing about all these kits is to remember that
These kits are really designed for taking care of you first so often in emergency situations
We just think about taking care of someone else like you’ve mentioned but keep in mind
We are sometimes our own patient ok so the IFAK is all the components that are in the smaller kits, but bigger
There’s more of them. They’re a little bit better as far as larger
they’re easier to
Handle more traumatic wounds just because you’ve got more size to actually carry it around with so and what was you said
We’ll go through the individual components in another video, but that’s kind of how these kits break down very good
So we’re very excited very excited to kind of have a nice offering of different kits that will be
Really useful to all of you in your everyday life again
The training is really important, so this video was really just an introduction
And thank you for spending the time with us
You can visit website
And we will have information on all the products and make sure you tune in to the next video where we’re going to go through
Each kit take it apart and show you everything that’s inside. Glenn, thank you
So much we’re excited to be launching this product line with you absolutely. We’re very excited about as well very good take care.

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  1. Love this idea. Thank you for offering these to the ladies. I personally have several, I have one in my range bag, one for hiking and larger bags in each of my vehicles. Might have to get the ankle one, never thought of that configuration. Thank you Carrie! —(Maria S. Shenandoah Valley Virginia leader)

  2. I've been shopping for a 'bug kit', including a tourniquet, so this is perfect timing! I'll be one of your first customers for a kit!