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  1. nice EDC I will send you a link to my EDC if you like !  Piper outdoors sent me ! I subbed ! looking forward to more vids !  atb john

  2. nice edc dump, RAT1 awesome knife. Subbed btw. Got a knife and outdoor channel myself, check it out if interested. 

  3. The Ontario and the Spyderco are both great choices for reasonable priced knives that both give high performance and great warranty and service. I like the Ontario better in this classification but both knives are great performers!

  4. Great first video. I have always enjoyed watching videos on YT and never made an channel. My save page book mark was getting so full and YT took away the thumbs up button from non-channel subscribers. So I started a channel, having no clue what I was doing (still don't) my first video was like 29 seconds long. I was not even sure if I would be able to load a video. I am very camera shy and talk really low most of the time. For your first video, you held a steady tone in your voice. I would of never guessed that you were nervous. The explanation of yourself and what you carry every day was very good. I like the knives, I have a few myself. I look forward to more of your videos. Take care. Have a lovely day.

  5. Wonderful first video! Your like me with an EDC.  Very light weight.  I agree with you on using common sense and the KISS method.  Keep up the great videos!

  6. Thanks for sharing your background & EDC.
    My very first video was also an EDC video before HD was available even. I plan to post a new EDC video at some point.

  7. Just had to watch your first video again Mark ! your a natural ! nice edc , an updated edc vid would be cool  !!!  anyway take care brother just surfing by , 
    atb john

  8. You sound familiar. Did you do a Google video chat with the great Erica Griffin, The technology nerd who likes to film stuff?

  9. Hi mate, just added your channel. See you on Sunday, and keep some space in your stomach. Already prepairing some smoked fisch!!!